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While many movie fanatics are preparing themselves for the Academy Awards ceremony this Sunday night, Walking Dead fans know the true event will be over on AMC when the Negan-centric Episode 11 will air.

And as good as the nominees for Best Picture may be this year, there's nothing that a few zombies, or a touch of Rick Grimes couldn't make better. With that in mind the Twitter account for The Walking Dead comics laid down a challenge for fans to submit their own mash-up of Oscar nominated films with , and to be honest the results are pretty hilarious!

Take a look at what some of 2016 best movies may have been about if they only contained characters from The Walking Dead:

Negan's Land

A whimsical tale of a ruthless villain who sings as he bludgeons his victims to death in the city of dreams, Los Angeles.

Hilltop Fences

A working-class apocalypse leader does his best to elevate his community while also coming to terms with the events of his life.


Eyesight follows the life of a young man from childhood to adolescene as he struggles to find his place in a world that has been overrun with the walking dead.

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After a young king is lost and ends up thousands of miles away from home, he's eventually taken in by a foreign couple. Years later, he makes it his goal to try and retrace his journey and find his homeland and family, but with the challenge of a post-apocalyptic world standing in his way it might seem impossible.

Negan's Arrival

When mysterious visitors show up all, surrounding of survivors communities, it falls to Rick Grimes to communicate with the Negan, the leader of the mysterious visitors in order to glean the groups purpose.

Hell of High Slaughter

With Negan planning to collect his supplies in the next couple of days, Michonne and Rick cook up an elaborate plan to steal supplies from his outposts in order to make the drop.

Bonus: Protester by the Sea

And a bonus Fear the Walking Dead themed poster. After the death of almost everyone else in the world, it falls to Madison to try and take care of her teenage daughter, Alicia. But holding her back from fully committing herself to her daughter, it the knowledge of what happened to her son, Nick.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 11 on February 26


Which Walking Dead-ified Oscar nominated movie would you most like to watch?


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