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One of the few criticisms of The Walking Dead is that the TV show sometimes strays too far from the comic book source material. has written some truly shocking episodes in the graphic novel, which have the potential to make the show even more epic.

It seems that the creative boffins on the show have taken some of this on board after Executive Producer Gale Ann Hurd admitted that Season 4 is going to see more storylines from the comic.

Talking to MTV, she revealed:

We'll actually have episodes in this season that fans of the comic book will very much identify with, recognize, and hopefully appreciate. But since we are divergent tracks... We have characters that don't exist in the comic book, there are characters who have been killed off who are still alive in the comic book, there's no way it can be the comic book come to life, nor did Robert Kirkman want to do that since the very beginning. But there certainly are touchstones from the comic book that fans will recognize this season.

One of those touchstones that fans of the comic book will recognize is the casting of Rosita in the new season. She is the partner of Abraham in the comics, so hopefully we will also see him show up in Season 4.

There are a couple more storylines that I would like to see explored, not least the Hunters and the Alexandria Safe Zone. I guess all will be revealed when the show returns this Sunday.

What storylines from the comics would you like to see in The Walking Dead Season 4?


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