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Memes have become an essential part of our everyday lives, at least if you're an internet and pop culture junkie. One show that repeatedly gets the meme treatment would be The Walking Dead, like the running "Coral" joke based on Rick Grimes' pronunciation of his son's name, Carl.

There has been an influx of Coral memes in recent years but there might be a new meme ready to overtake the Walking Dead meme leaderboard - and it goes by the name of Rark Grames.

A Redditor posted his not-so-accurate painting of sheriff Rick Grimes and users had a field day in the comment section dubbing his portrayal of the character "Rark Grames."

The photo of the painting includes the creator's explanation "not the best lighting but here's a painting I made of Rick." The post has now inspired a new series of memes and gifs featuring the latest meme king, Rark Grames.

There is also a introduction of his new rival, Nurgan.

A few Redditors have even gone as far as to show the transformation of Rick Grimes into his Reddit counterpart, Rark, which is truly a thing of nightmares.

Before you argue the mean-spirited intent of the commenters on the original posting, just know that the painter consented the request of creating his Rick rendition into a meme. He is certainly in on the joke but let's hope he is ready for the viral internet storm he may have just created. It is certainly something we can never unsee...keep your eyes out for future memes, maybe they will feature characters such as Magger, Duryl, and King Exerkiel.

The Walking Dead season 8 premieres October 22 on AMC!

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