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Matt Carter

Hershel's Weekly Wisdom is a feature that records the musings and nuggets of knowledge espoused by The Walking Dead‘s resident morality man Hershel Greene.

Last Sunday's episode, "Internment", saw Hershel take center stage as he attempted to stop the spread of infection as well as quell an undead outbreak. However, it wasn't all knife fighting and walker wrestling for the white-haired word wizard, as he also had time to throw out some truly inspiring life advice (as well as one miss-timed joke) to anybody who'd listen.

Here's the best of Hershel's Weekly Wisdom.

Hershel laid down the ground rules for the annual prison Hug a Walker Day

Hershel was voted as leader of the prison council by making popular but impractical pledges

Like the Honey Badger, Hershel has no time for whiners

Herhsel took the news of N-Sync's post-apoclypse split particularly hard

Hershel learned one important thing on his fact-finding mission to the UK

Clearly Hershel had never tried treating a Polar Bear with shingles

Hershel's advice was quickly refuted by WHO. Turns out germs are actually quite dangerous

Not even the zompocalypse can do anything to subdue Hershel's sunny outlook on life

Hershel remained modest despite having saved Carl's coursework by simultaneously holding down ctrl + alt + del

Hershel, you are a hero and we here at Moviepilot salute you!


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