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Spoilers for Season 7 of The Walking Dead follow.

After a grisly Season 7 opener, and six more episodes of declining ratings (and declining patience in the fans who are sticking it through), FINALLY redeemed itself with tonight's mid-season finale!

With killing two of our favorite characters as brutally as possible while hamming it up for the cameras, and our Rick being reduced to a big ball of sobbing, Lucille-holding wussface, so many of us were beginning to wonder if this season — or maybe even this half of the season — was the end of TWD.

But, for some reason, Negan's crap, Daryl's escape attempts and Carl STILL not staying in the house actually freaking worked. Finally.


I really have no idea why, but I found Negan bearable in “Hearts Still Beating.” Maybe he's reached that point where he's tried so hard to make me hate him that I just gave up. Or, maybe it's the fact that he got rid of his fuzzy crap. Whatever it is, he made yours truly laugh multiple times throughout the episode.

It's still hard to look past Glenn and Abraham, and the fact that we went into this episode expecting Rick to lose a child, in one way or another, but he was just funny. Hell, maybe sweet, innocent little Judith brought it out in him.

Maybe Judith has a plan:


YES. RICK. YES YES YES. He went the distance for those guns, and how about that...Negan may have gotten all of them, but Rick finally saw the light. Hell yes. The last half of Season 7 is hopefully going to see the return of Rick “F*cking” Grimes, and the death of Rick Grimes.

This is the Rick we want. The Rick we need.

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Aw, nuts. Spencer does have guts. If nothing else, maybe Negan putting Spencer in his place is what redeemed this whole season.

Final Thoughts

We had to lose Olivia, we almost lost Rosita, and Eugene is in a world of hurt, but the All Out War on Negan has begun. And with this guy back in the saddle again...

Jesus too...haha
Jesus too...haha

...Negan and the Saviors really don't know who they're f*cking with.

What did you think about the mid-season premiere? Sound off in the comments, on twitter, or just scream at your television some more!


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