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Warning: Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 7 follow.

Chances are, if you're a huge fan, and you're caught up on Season 7, you're pretty emotionally spent. Negan and Lucille have stormed into our lives, upending tables and pizza delivery boys, and when they were done, they stole the last can of Orange Crush.

After losing Glenn and Abraham, and then poor Olivia in the mid-season finale (and Spencer, too, but whatever), we're all desperately in need of a big hug. Luckily for you, and have plenty to spare!

Photo: EW
Photo: EW

Andrew, who plays Rick on the show, sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss some of the biggest moments of the episode, including the latest show of bromance between Rick and Daryl. And honestly, also between Andrew and Norman.

When asked to talk about the hug the two shared, and how it felt to have his right-hand man back, Andrew gushed.

"Dude, it was embarrassing. What you saw was nothing. You should have seen us in between action and cut. It was just never-ending! You couldn’t pry us apart, Dalton! I started to cry because I was so relieved he was out of the sweatpants because he stank and he was really unpleasant. I was so relieved that I didn’t have to hug him in those awful sweats."

Mr. Lincoln, the internet is right there with you. See how some Twitter users reacted, and you'll see how embarrassed we all were for getting all misty-eyed.

Okay, so that last guy wasn't exactly embarrassed. But user this guy even brought into the mix.

I mean, it's basically the greatest hug of reuniting in pop culture since

Rick & Daryl's bromance has been truly legendary, from teaming up against a sneaky Jesus ninja... professing their bro-ness for each other through six seasons of ups and downs:

Andrew expressing how excited he is for the second half of the season hopefully sums up what a lot of die-hard fans are thinking:

To have unity, just the beginnings of the flame being ignited again, was enough to get me excited for the back eight.

Here's The Hug one more time, because you know you want to.

Read more about this beautiful bromance:

[Source: EW]


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