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You may have noticed something about . Beside the fact that he's got his own hashtag.

The amount of f**ks he gives in each season of The Walking Dead just keeps on dwindling! He goes from a “never kill the living unless you have to” officer of the law in Season 1 to what we see now in .

WARNING: Before I go on about Rick, just a little warning; there are a few spoilers for The Walking Dead below! And this entire article is pretty darn NSFW.

Season 1: Rick Initially Gives All The F**ks

Rick wakes up to an empty hospital room, hospital, and what seems like an empty world. I can only imagine his first thought had to be something like, “What the f**k?” He figures things out with the help of Morgan & Son, but throughout the season, he continues to give f**ks. Except when it comes to violent rednecks.

Then, he starts to give fewer f**ks. But he gets them back when this happens to his feels:

Season 2: Rick Starts Giving Fewer F**ks

Partially because of those bad humans Dave and Tony, who become Rick's first two post-apocalyptic kills, Rick starts losing f**ks to give. He's realizing that there are some bad, bad people around. But the next season is when he figures out that maybe he should save his f**ks for a rainy day.

Season 3: The Governor Takes More Of Rick's F**ks

It may look like The Governor doesn't have any of Rick's f**ks in his hands there, but believe me, he took a lot of them and didn't give them back. In fact, he kept stealing them for three seasons straight! And then, when Rick finally finds a sweet prison to shack up in, he has to deal with Tomas. But even though Tomas claims the walker that he threw on Rick was “coming at me, bro,” it still doesn't help Rick find all those f**ks he'd lost.

Season 4: Rick Officially Has No F**ks Left To Give

Rick's total number of f**ks equals the total number of Claimers that are still living: Zero.

By this time, he's learned that giving a f**k at the wrong time will get you killed, so the Rick Grimes F**ks To Give Store has officially gone out of business.

Season 5: Rick Starts Handing Out F**ks

What would you do if you happened upon a place that claimed to be a sanctuary only to find out that the people there WERE PLANNING TO EAT YOU? That's right. If you were all out of figurative f**ks to give, like Rick, you would start handing out actual f**ks, starting with Gareth and his people-eating cannibal crew.

Season 6: Rick Is Full Of 'F**k You Negan' But Then 'Aw F**k Me'

Rick quickly goes from showing the world all the f**ks he doesn't have, to being handed a big f**king f**k right back to him, in the form of a barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat.

Season 7: Rick's Like 'F**k It, Negan's In Charge Now'

With the arrival of Negan and Lucille, Rick discovers a man who gives even less of a f**k than he does, and finds out just how f**ked he truly is.

One last thing to ponder...have you noticed that Rick's f**ks to give count is inversely proportional to the size of his beard?

Official f**ks to give count: Who knows at this point?

Get up, come on, get down with the Rickness:


Which Rick would you be in the Zompocalypse? Season 1 with plenty of f**ks to give, Season 7 Rick, or somewhere in between?


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