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Sophie Atkinson

The Walking Dead's Gale Anne Hurd knows all about your crappy jobs - she used to scrub sh*t for a living.

The Walking Dead executive producer is a fanboy fave for all the right reasons: the talented TV producer has spent almost three decades working on some of the best action viewing in the business, including the Terminator franchise and Armageddon. Hurd doesn't bear grudges – she's worked closely with her ex-husbands and as well as her current husband and helped luminaries like , and get a start in the business.

Recently she revealed the most shocking fact of all at a talk at the University of Georgia: she used to clean toilets. Hurd's first on-set experience was as a production assistant on the 1980 produced sci-fi horror, Humanoids From The Deep. Hurd revealed more than any of us needed to know...

"I was emptying chemical toilets in the motor homes and questioning my own sanity," she laughs. "That's why I have enormous respect for Teamsters. Unless you've done all those jobs that Teamsters do, it's impossible to know just how difficult the job is. Unfortunately, the toilet job was a lot of trial by error. We'll leave it at that. Splashing. Oh, yes."

Luckily, she feels the experience stood her in good stead for her current position:

"If there is a zombie apocalypse, that may be the most important skill I've learned in my life," Hurd joked.

Glad that while it might have been a stomach-turning job at the time, Hurd's found a silver lining in the experience!

What's the worst job you've ever done? Let me know in the comments below.


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