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Brian Salisbury

Hypothetical questions can be fun, particularly when they incorporate the zombie element. What? Do you guys not play zombie versions of Would You Rather? Come on, it can't just be me.

The Walking Dead's is certainly no stranger to the world of the walking, well you know. During a recent interview, Reedus (who plays zombie slayer extraordinaire Daryl on the AMC series, was asked which three people he would be most scared of in their zombified form. His responses? , , and .

I would imagine the Flanery remark is some sort of inside joke from their collaboration on The Boondock Saints. I actually find Lucy Liu very intimidating in her current living form, so I can completely understand how that would be amplified in a walking corpse iteration. Do we really even need to go into all the ways a zombie Howard Stern is the stuff of nightmares?

What do you guys think? Which celebs would you work hardest to avoid after the zombie apocalypse?



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