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had a wicked mid-season premiere that set high expectations for the rest of the season. "New Best Friends" continued to fix the mistakes of the first half of the season.

Instead of spending an episode per storyline, the showrunners finally remembered how to put three arcs into one episode once again. A ton of awesome things happened in this episode, but it also hinted at many things to come and made us ask a bunch of questions.

5. Who Are The Scavengers?

We were formally introduced to The Walking Dead's newest community — the Scavengers — who live in a junkyard and barely make it by every day, eating from cans of rotten food. They're very low on resources, hence their community's name.

Given that, it makes sense that they could not ignore Rick and Gabriel's offer of fighting Negan and taking all of the Saviors' supplies. While the new group appears to be very simple, there is still a lot of mystery surrounding them that we are dying to have revealed. Plus, why aren't they fans of long sentences?

4. Will Rick And His Group Find The Guns?

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

Jadis agreed to Rick's terms with two conditions: the Scavengers will receive a third of the Saviors' supplies (if Rick can take Negan down), and also a lot of guns. Rick and the rest of the group are low on guns themselves, so the show may be hinting that Tara will bring her group to Oceanside to retrieve guns, since it would give that community more of a spotlight and give Tara a larger purpose.

Even if Rick, Micchone and the rest of the group find guns, how can they trust the Scavengers? They barely know anything about them, and the Scavengers could easily take the guns and double-cross Rick's group in an instant. However, I don't believe this will happen, because the Scavengers are very low on resources and will need every last can of food Alexandria is willing to grant them if they defeat Negan and the Saviors.

3. What Will Finally Make King Ezekiel Snap And Join Rick?

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

It is almost a given at this point that the Kingdom will join alongside Alexandria in the battle against the Saviors. In order for that to happen, however, King Ezekiel will have to approve. After the "rough" confrontation in the beginning of the episode, it looked like Ezekiel is beginning to become pretty fed up with the Saviors. However, what "straw that broke the tiger's back" will have to happen for the King to join the fight?

Personally, I believe the Saviors will have to step over the boundary and possibly slaughter some of the Kingdom's members and cause a huge scene. My best theory at this point would see one of the Saviors kill young Benjamin, whom King Ezekiel has become very close to, sending Ezekiel over the rail.

2. Why Did Daryl Lie To Carol?

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

The most emotional moment in the entire episode was seeing Daryl and Carol reuniting at long last. Carol explained that she left because she didn't want to lose any more people she was close to. When she asked if the Saviors hurt or killed any of their group, Daryl denied it. Obviously, we know that many people such as Glenn, Abraham, Spencer and Olivia have been killed, so why did Daryl lie?

If he wanted Carol to return to the Kingdom, the death of Glenn alone (whom they both knew since the beginning of the series) would send Carol there in an instant. Maybe Daryl realized that what Carol was saying wasn't that crazy and that he couldn't imagine losing her either. Therefore, he told her that everyone was safe and she could continue being a hermit. She will eventually find out from Daryl or someone else and finally snap out of this act and rejoin her friends.

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1. Who Else Will Join The Fight Against The Saviors?

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

There are so many different characters and communities being thrown in our faces at once that it has become difficult to keep track of who will actually join the fight and who will sit and watch from home. Obviously, Rick and the rest of Alexandria will be leading the war against Negan. The Hilltop will donate many resources and some soldiers as well, but Rick and his group will have to find other communities.

The Kingdom may look like they are up in the air as of now, but they will inevitably join Rick's fight. Also, the Scavengers wouldn't have been introduced if they weren't going to fight in the All-Out War. They will likely be the "filler" army characters that will make up the mass of fighters, while characters such as Rick and Ezekiel will lead. Carol will probably also stop being a hermit and come to her senses.

This all seems pretty obvious for the most part, but there are still some groups and characters up in the air. We could possibly see Oceanside join the fight, or maybe they will supply a few soldiers such as Cindy along with guns and resources. Also, will Dwight and some of the nicer Saviors betray Negan and join Rick's force?

All of t will be answered in the next couple episodes of The Walking Dead!


Which question are you most dying to know an answer to?

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