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Declarations of love aren't an easy feat for a rough guy like Abraham Ford. 's most beloved rough southerner mostly spoke in metaphors that were as confusing as they were crass, leaving the people around him unsure of how to interpret his wisdom— and that included his gestures.

As we've come to realise with The Walking Dead, survivors often use subtle displays in body language to convey a deeper message. The backwards peace sign became a symbol of friendship between Sasha and Abraham; a way for Abraham to awkwardly convey his feelings for her without having to use his big boy words.

Typically, that beautiful display of love was used against all of us when Abraham got brutally Lucille'd by Negan in the premiere of Season 7. He threw one last double deuce at Sasha before Negan permanently destroyed the part of Abraham's brain responsible for hand gestures.


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It's On Like Donkey Kong

In what could be interpreted as a moving tribute to Abraham, some of the cast have engaged in an all-out flip off war, the likes of which may just rival Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln's notorious ongoing prank war.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays notorious Negan, found himself the victim of a drive-by-flip-off at the hands of Norman Reedus:

Though to be fair, Norman Reedus was probably just responding to this not-so-subtle message:

Even young Carl is getting amongst it, clearly unimpressed at Reedus documenting his ever-evolving luscious locks:

To be fair, it would be hard for the impressionable teen not to pick up bad habits hanging around this lot:

But first prize in the battle of the bird has to go to Michael Cudlitz, AKA Abraham, who recently had one final farewell message for Neagan:

And now for a moving tribute to The Walking Dead's most gifted wordsmith:

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