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Usually considered to be 'the moral compass of the group', Farmer Hershel Greene's infallible exterior was somewhat collapsed by 'a katana-wielding maniac on last night’s episode of The Walking Dead'. As Inside TV have reported: following Rick's refusal to 'evacuate the prison', Hershel was killed by the Governor.

It was a brutal slaying, with the Governor taking several chops at Hershel’s neck.

We've also included some of the interview that Inside TV did with Walking Dead's Hershel, aka Scott Wilson, who was quizzed about his take on the characters shocking demise:

Scott Wilson (Hershel)

[] called me into his office and I went in and talked to him. He explained to me that I was going. I said to him, 'I think you’re making a big mistake, but it’s yours to make and I’m not going to try to talk you out of it [but] it’s all good'.

It was really quite moving to me because I came on the set and everybody from the cast and the crew that were there in town were all on the set and they were wearing suspenders — because Hershel wore suspenders. And I came onto the set to applause and it was really quite moving.

The episode where I lost my leg [] directed, and then he took my head. So there was a symmetry to it.

He continued to speak about the character's profound impact on the show's themes:

I think that was really a culmination of the first scene that Rick and Hershel had together on the front porch of Hershel’s farm, talking about the world, and about disease, and about the place of man in the new order of things. And really that’s kind of a theme that went through the two-and-a-half seasons I was on the show. Where do you stand? Where’s the humanity in this situation? Where do you keep your humanity?

Scott Wilson concluded that he has gained more recognition from The Walking Dead than anything that has come before, stating that 'hopefully I have a chapter or two left for Scott — if not for Hershel'.

Do you think it would be possible to resurrect the character or should he be left dead and buried?

If you'd like to read the full interview then head to Inside TV.



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