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You remember that one theory about ? The one from last season? Season 6?

IKR? I loved that one, too!

What are y'all lookin' at?

Oh...okay, my bad. The theory in the sea of theories that I'm referring to is the one with the mystery car appearing a split second before Bazooka Daryl takes out Little Timmy and the Dick Brigade, with Abraham and Sasha getting a front row seat.

Before I begin, here's the official warning for some major Walking Dead spoilers:

You know you want to relive one of THE most BADASS MOMENTS in the HISTORY of The Walking Dead:

Jumping to about 2:04, and you get a very quick glimpse of a car turning the corner, right before Daryl roasts Timmy & the Dicks.

Another glimpse:

A few days after the Season 6 mid-season premiere aired, the news of the mystery car broke on Movie Pilot and the rest of the 'net, and in poured the theories about who it might have been.

Bathe in some TWD mystery car throwback theory goodness:

The Car Driver Revealed?

In the episode, 'Service,' look who gets ahold of the Savior-slaying rocket launcher:

Well, ho-ly smokes! Look at that! Negan goes right into almost congratulating Rick for his guys being the ones that took out Little Timmy and the Dicks.

I REALLY love saying band name EVER.

So what does this mean for the mystery car scene from last season? One of two things.

Either Negan Was The Driver...

It's pretty obvious that a big boom took out the Saviors on that road, but who would know it was a rocket launcher, without having actually seen it happen? There were no Saviors —I mean Dick Brigadeers —left to report back to , so it had to be him that witnessed that big bang...

Or One Of Negan's Mini-Mes Was The Driver

Or one of his minions saw it. I'm gonna go with this one, simply because it doesn't seem like Negan likes to do any dirty work that doesn't involve banging hot women and getting thirsty. Like Jancy said in the article linked above

Maybe, in typical Walking Dead style, we'll get a flashback of that moment seen from the point of view of the car.

Here's who yours truly's money is on:

Dwight Witnessed Daryl's Ultimate Bada**ery

And deep down, he's now scared shitless of the raging redneck.

"Am not." -Dwight
"Am not." -Dwight

Dwight seems to be Negan's little bi— er, number one man, besides Simon.

More on Negan's Grand Theft Auto right-hand man:

If there was ever a guy in a car spying on Daryl, Orange Crush and Sasha, it would be Iron Man Dwight, in all his creepy 'ass kissing the guy banging his wife and searing his face' glory. And I would put some blue meth (because money is kind of pointless anymore) on there being a flashback scene sometime in the near future featuring Dwight witnessing Daryl do to his buddies all over what Negan did to his freshly fried face.

And something tells me we'll be adding him to the Season 7 kill list by the time it's all said and done:

You in there, buddy? I just don't know! Seems like you're trying to tell me what you think about this seemingly solved mystery in the comments!


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