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This article contains spoilers from The Walking Dead Season 7.

It took fans a long time to recover from the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead that saw Negan kill both Glenn and Abraham in a graphic and horrifying way. Since the premiere episode, Season 7 has really highlighted the impact that Negan and the Saviors have had on the post-apocalyptic world. And although subsequent episodes have found us in different locations — including new location The Kingdom — all of them are under the control of the heinous tyrant.

Last week, we saw Negan make his first visit to Alexandria, clarifying to Rick and his people that he now owns all of their property. In a sadistic move, Negan took all of their mattresses and burnt them just because he could, which horrified a lot of the fans.

Tonight's episode saw Carl struggle with the new world order, but it also took us back to the Hilltop — a place we haven't seen since the sixth season. Let's take a look at the biggest moments from the episode.

1. Maggie Is Alive

Maggie lives! [Via AMC]
Maggie lives! [Via AMC]

Many fans were left confused last week when Negan was shown Maggie's grave. Her death would've been totally believable — she wasn't in great shape during Negan's arrival in the Season 6 finale and on top of being pregnant, she watched her husband and friend brutally murdered right in front of her; it would be a miracle if she emotionally survived all of that.

She did survive — it turns out that Rick and the group lied to Negan about Maggie's death and tonight's episode saw her re-cuperating at the Hilltop. You can all chill out now; she made it. It was also quite clear that she must remain at the Hilltop for the duration of her pregnancy, something that Gregory wasn't too keen on.

2. The Hilltop Disaster

Jesus and Sasha battle the walkers. [Via AMC]
Jesus and Sasha battle the walkers. [Via AMC]

Jesus made a much-appreciated return in this episode, and he spent a lot of time trying to convince Gregory to let Maggie and Sasha stay at the Hilltop. During the night, Maggie and Sasha were awoken by loud operatic music; when they looked out the window, all they could see was fire. Sasha escaped through the roof of their caravan to see carnage, and as if the fire weren't bad enough, the place was swarming in walkers that had come through the open gate.

In the best moment of the entire episode, Jesus and Sasha swung into action as the pair tried to take out every walker they could and stop the music in the process. If that didn't make the scene awesome enough, Maggie — who had been told to take it easy — came along in a large tractor and wheeled over several walkers before crushing the car playing the loud music. What a moment!

3. The Saviors Arrive At The Hilltop

The Saviors take control of the Hilltop[Via AMC]
The Saviors take control of the Hilltop[Via AMC]

Ever since The Hilltop colony first appeared on the show, it was clear that they feared the almighty Negan. As we saw in tonight's episode, Gregory wasn't too pleased that they have Maggie in their possesion — technically they are harboring a fugitive.

The Saviors' arrival at the Hilltop was a heart-racing moment especially because of Maggie and Sasha's presence at the location. As we've seen in the past, Negan retaliates when people betray him, and betrayal is exactly what the Hilltop survivors are doing by haboring Maggie. In an attempt to hide the evidence, Gregory demanded that Jesus hide the pair of them before the Saviors enter the office. Just like in Alexandria last week, the Saviors raided the place and took "half" of everything the Hilltop people own.

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4. Jesus Takes Control and Maggie Gets Revenge

Jesus had enough of taking orders from Gregory. [Via AMC]
Jesus had enough of taking orders from Gregory. [Via AMC]

Gregory almost made a huge mistake and showed the Saviors where Maggie and Sasha were hiding, but it was all part of Jesus' cunning plan — he had hidden them in Gregory's closet instead because he presumed that Gregory might break under the pressure. Gregory was furious, but Jesus didn't care, and instead he took a stand against the Hilltop leader, telling him that Maggie and Sasha are staying whether he likes it or not; they will all live together as "one big happy dysfunctional family".

Maggie then spotted Glenn's watch on Gregory and — after he called her "dear" and "Marsha"— one time too many, she punched him right in the face and told him that from now on, he would be calling her by her name: Maggie Rhee. You go, girl.

Also, the fact that Maggie now identifies as a "Rhee" is rather emotional; it's the ultimate tribute to Glenn.

5. Jesus' and Sasha's Plan

[Via AMC]
[Via AMC]

After convincing Gregory to let Maggie and Sasha stay, Jesus promised the pair of Alexandrians that he should've been more cooperative from the start and that he'd make it up to them. Sasha said that if he wanted to help, then she'd really like to know where Negan lives. Jesus said that he could find that out, but Sasha doesn't want Maggie to know.

Moments before the episode's conclusion, Jesus jumped on the "Negan" truck, which is headed back to the Saviors' camp. After hearing a noise in the corner of the truck, it was revealed that Carl had also stowed away on the same truck. A plan is forming.

If you think you know all there is to know about The Walking Dead's Negan, think again:

The Walking Dead may have opted for a more subdued episode this week following last week's instalment, but the looming threat of Negan is making the hit show more nail-biting than ever. It was great to see the folks at the Hilltop again, who are wary about being on the wrong side of Negan — and honestly, who can blame them?

With the Hilltop colony now in way over their heads, it looks like there isn't much hope for outsmarting Negan. Having said that, Jesus proved that he's actually a great fighter and a leader, so all hope is not lost! Besides, we're still waiting for Carol to come back and save everyone (again).

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC. What do you think will happen next with Negan? Tell us in the comment section below.


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