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This article contains spoilers from The Walking Dead Season 7.

The Walking Dead has really played with our emotions this season, jumping backwards and forwards between several different central locations. The jaw-dropping season premiere that saw the graphic demise of beloved characters Glenn and Abraham set up an incredibly strong season, and so far it hasn't disappointed.

Each week we've found ourselves with a different group of characters, all of which are setting up some interesting storylines for the future. From Ezekiel's and Shiva's introduction to Daryl's imprisonment at the Saviors hideout, not to mention Negan's heist of Alexandria, things haven't been boring, that's for sure. The latest episode took viewers into new territory as we caught up with Tara and Heath.

These two characters have been absent from the show since the latter half of the sixth season when they departed on the two-week supply run. It was certainly eventful and we saw the discovery of a new location; Tara also learns some interesting information about the Saviors and Heath vanishes. Let's take a look at the five biggest moments from "Swear."

1. Heath Isn't Okay With The Group's Methods

[Via AMC]
[Via AMC]

In a flashback scene, we saw Tara and Heath on the road, discussing life and death in the zombie apocalypse. Heath hasn't been around very long and his uncertainty about the post-apocalyptic world was made very clear in the latest episode. Recalling what the Alexandrians did back at the Satellite station — when they killed the Saviors — Heath clarified that he will never be okay with the killing.

Tara tried to tell him that this is the way the world works now, but Heath wasn't prepared to listen — he knows that when it comes down to it, the Alexandrians will do whatever it takes to survive, including killing other people. He can't accept that.

2. Tara Is Ambushed

[Via AMC]
[Via AMC]

After discovering a new location that seems to be run entirely by women, Tara was spotted spying on them — and soon found herself running for her life. She put up a good fight and even managed to fight some of the women off along the way.

Eventually, the little girl from the beginning of the episode, Rachel, cornered her; Tara was trapped. All of the women surrounded her with guns and Tara surrendered. She pleaded with them not to kill her and it looked as if she had managed to sway them in her favor. What a moment!

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3. Tara And Heath Are Attacked By Walkers

In another flashback, Tara and Heath stumbled upon a seemingly empty bridge. Tara discovered a large bag stuck in a sand pit and, assuming there would be some useful supplies inside, she proceeded to pull it out. Unfortunately it unearthed a horde of walkers.

Tara and Heath found themselves fighting for their lives, shooting and kicking several walkers. At one point it seemed that Heath had abandoned Tara, leaving her for dead, but we found out later in the episode that he actually came back to rescue his friend. Heath's whereabouts are currently unknown.

4. Tara Makes A Run For It

Even though her captors agreed to take her back to Alexandria, Tara was still uncertain whether they would try to kill her, so she took advantage of a prime opportunity and made a run for it. Just when it seemed like she had gotten away, one of the women found her. She told Tara that the Saviors are responsible for their heartache too, making Tara aware that her group didn't take out all of the Saviors — and that some of her people are likely dead.

Cindy arrived in the nick of time to save Tara thrice in one episode. Cindy offered to help her get her back to other side of the bridge, keeping watch and shooting all of the walkers as Tara attempted to fight them off. Eventually, Tara made it to the other side where she discovered that Heath is likely still alive.

5. Tara Returns Home To Alexandria

[Via AMC]
[Via AMC]

After managing to escape, Tara finally made it all the way back to Alexandria where she was greeted by a distraught Eugene. She was torn up about Denise's death, although we didn't actually see Eugene break the news to her.

Later, Rosita encouraged Tara to help her find another place that they can go to, but — due to the promise she made to Cindy — Tara lied to Rosita, telling her that no such place exists.

With only two episodes left before the mid-season finale, who knows what will go down next on The Walking Dead? We already know that Negan owns both Alexandria and The Kingdom, but will he conquer elsewhere before the show goes on its Christmas break? More importantly, will he show up again at Alexandria?

Let's not forget that Carl and Jesus are on their way to discovering where the Saviors reside, so Negan could face some pretty big problems himself.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC. What do you think will happen next? tell me in the comment section below!


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