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After six seasons of setting us up, pulling the rug out from under us, leading us on, driving us crazy, and blowing all sorts of smoke up our butts, the folks behind have finally done it.

They finally went and did exactly what the comics did rather than straying from the source material.




This is where the spoilers really start piling on, so if you haven't watched episode "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be" yet, then turn around and watch this video showing you the origin of the premiere:

Or watch some cat videos...because it's about to get spoiled up in here.

Real quick, though, before I finish spoiling who got Lucilled, let's look at...

A History Of Straying From The Comics

The Walking Dead show has always strayed from the comics in its storytelling, for various reasons. That some things just work better in print than before our eyes has sometimes been why. The main reason, one can assume, is that the producers don't want you to see what's coming. Maybe they want you to think you do, or have an idea of what's going to happen, but when it happens, it involves someone you never expected.

1. Hershel/Tyreese/Bob/Dale

In the comics, Tyreese is the one beheaded by the Governor, not Hershel Greene. In the show, Hershel loses his leg to a walker, and Bob loses his to the Termites. In the comics, Dale loses his first leg in the prison, and is the Hunters' meal, losing leg number two to their bellies. But, like Bob, he reveals to them he'd been bitten.

Both legs? Really, guys?

2. Andrea/Michonne

Confused yet?

In the comics, Andrea is still living, and is pretty much mom #2 for Carl, being in a relationship with Rick. Michonne is also very much alive in the comics, having been with Tyreese and Ezekiel both (who are both dead in the comics).

Read more about Carl:

Switch that around in the show, and Andrea has been dead since Season 3. Rick and Michonne are together, and since they both made it out of the Season 7 premiere alive, it looks like Carl might someday call Michonne mama.

3. Carol Peletier

Long story short? Carol lost a few marbles in the comics, trying to seduce both Rick and Lori, and in the end, committed suicide by walker. Now, while we may be seeing a little bit of the mentally unstable Carol popping up in Season 7, she's definitely taken a whole new path in the show.

As you can see, the comics have never been a very good guide as they've tended to show us what happened to one character, only to have that exact same thing happen to a completely different character in the show. But this history of breaking from the comics did not repeat itself in the Season 7 premiere.

Glenn Was Lucille's Chosen One All Along

Abraham was chosen by Lucille too, unfortunately. But after months of “will he, won't he” regarding Glenn dying, it seems the producers were just preparing our hearts to be broken, seeing how we would take Glenn's death when it actually happened. The dumpster and every other brush with death he had were just practice for the viewers, apparently.

Honestly, they picked a good time to finally go through with it, too. He went from getting lucky on the floor of a grocery store to, almost six seasons later, finally being forced to kill his first living person. That right there is one hell of a journey. I'm sure they could have found a place for him in the rest of the show, but every time he got into a bind, you'd remember all his close calls and think, holy crap, when is this guy's luck going to run out?

I'll end this with a 16 minute tribute to Glenn and Maggie, from the beginning to the end, courtesy of YouTuber xRevival.

Rest in peace, our favorite namer of dumbasses and pizza boy turned walker slayer. We're sad to see you go.

Are you glad the show finally followed the comics? Let it all out in the comments!


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