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Warning: This article contains spoilers from the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead caused a lot of controversy back in April when Season 6 concluded without revealing which of Rick's group faced Negan's wrath. The show faded to black as the camera was pounded to death with Lucille — the villainous character's iconic baseball bat — but it didn't give anything away about the identity of the victim. The world forgave the show when the Comic-Con trailer dropped and we saw what was in store for us when Season 7 finally hit our screens.

Check out the Season 7 sneak peek:

The moment that fans all around the world have waited for has finally arrived and we no longer need to theorize over who fell victim to Negan's bat. However, with the god must come the bad and unfortunately with the premiere's arrival comes a hell of a lot of grief as we mourn the loss of Glenn and Abraham. It was the most gruesome episode the hit zombie show has ever produced and that only made matters worse as we were forced to watch Glenn and Abraham get their brains bashed out. And people were not happy on Twitter about it:

Like...really upset. To the point that some are ready to walk away from The Walking Dead entirely.

But although it was tough to watch, I think it's important to point out that the violence was completely necessary. Gratuitous or not, such a scene couldn't have been executed without going into gruesome detail.

The Viewers Needed To See How Brutal Negan Really Is

Negan's menacing behavior will spell trouble for everyone. (via AMC)
Negan's menacing behavior will spell trouble for everyone. (via AMC)

As painful as it is watching someone that we care about getting their skull bashed in repeatedly, the violence was necessary to show viewers the lengths that Negan is willing to go to when he is crossed by outsiders. Rick and Daryl may have toyed with Negan in previous episodes, but we as viewers realized in the Season 7 premiere that they made a huge mistake in doing so.

Moreover, The Walking Dead has had many bad guys over the six years that the show has been on the air, from Shane to The Governor to the walkers themselves — our group has literally faced it all and most of them came out the other side. With that in mind, it was important to set Negan totally apart from all of the other villains and make him the biggest, most vicious bad guy that Rick and the gang have ever encountered. What better way to do so than killing one of our beloved characters in such a heinous fashion.

What's left of Negan's victim. (via AMC)
What's left of Negan's victim. (via AMC)

When you put it into perspective, the Governor was probably the biggest threat that the group has faced so far and if we're being honest he was incredibly threatening. Remember, it's because of him that we lost our beloved Hershel and Andrea. In order to make Negan worse, something drastic had to be done with the character's introduction. After the Season 7 premiere and the death of Glenn and Abraham there is no doubt in viewers' minds that Negan is the toughest, baddest and most destructive force that Rick and the gang have ever encountered.

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It's Such An Iconic Scene In The Comics

Arguably the most famous scene from "The Walking Dead" comic books.
Arguably the most famous scene from "The Walking Dead" comic books.

The scene of Negan bashing Glenn's skull in is arguably the most famous scene from the comic books. For years, I've heard people speak about the eventual arrival of Negan and the famous scene where Glenn gets Lucille'd. The casting of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the villainous character was proof the producers of The Walking Dead were trying to do the character justice and so far they've succeeded in that department.

As you can see from the image above, the iconic scene is incredibly graphic in the comic books so therefore it was inevitable that show would have to replicate this gore. Although The Walking Dead is a zombie show, the violence has been rather subdued thus far and it only uses extremely graphic imagery when absolutely necessary. The Season 7 premiere may have taken the violence to an entirely new level, but due to the magnitude of the scene, it was not only justified, it was vital.

Negan's violence is necessary to show how brutal he is. (via AMC)
Negan's violence is necessary to show how brutal he is. (via AMC)

Although we are emotionally devastated at Glenn and Abraham's death, there is no doubt in my mind that the scene was necessary. Now we can hate Negan even more. With Negan in control of the group, will Rick ever be able to defeat him? We know how brutal Negan is and we definitely wouldn't want to step out of line with him. A bloody new chapter has just begun for The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC. Are you emotionally exhausted after Negan's graphic violence? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below. Or if you just need to cry, feel free to do that too.


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