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Call them asshats, call them cruel, call them anything you want, but the powers that be behind The Walking Dead are freaking geniuses. Rarely in history has a TV show been talked about this much. Leaving us hanging after the Season 6 finale was probably the smartest and meanest thing Greg Nicotero and crew could have possibly least until we watched premiere.


Episode 100 is coming! Season 8 was already ordered, and Season 7 has just begun. So guess what? Now that we no longer have to speculate about who Negan killed, I'm going to speculate about what might happen in the hundredth episode, which happens to be the first episode of Season 8!

Number 100 on the episode list for any show that's made it that far always turns out to be extremely epic. That means we're probably going to be in for a treat in a year from now. I doubt they're ever going to be able to top what happened this summer, with speculation on top of rumors, sandwiched in between more rumors and speculation. But think about it. What could they possibly be planning?

As always, big warning for both comics and show:

Another Major Death (That We'll Never Recover From)

I just wanted to get this one out of the way. Like Smallville did with Pa Kent in episode number 100, "Reckoning," there could be yet another major death. Personally, I doubt I'll yet be over the deaths from the Season 7 premiere of TWD.

Considering issue number 100 of the comics introduced us to Negan and Lucille, and made us say goodbye to Glenn, it's safe to say that its live action companion will be equally memorable. And hopefully, not a friggin' musical song-and-dance episode.

But who could die? To get a hint at who it might be, we have to look at who all killed in the comics between that night he met Rick's group in the woods and the moment when he was defeated and imprisoned.

Spencer Monroe

In the comics, Spencer is a little weasel. And Negan knows this; he flat-out tells Spencer he doesn't have any guts, and, well, see for yourself.

Spencer wants Rick dead, so he can be the leader...

But he asks Negan to do the deed for him. Oops...

One small incision later...

And bam! Spencer has guts and Negan's embarrassed for being wrong.


But is it 100th episode material? Highly unlikely, since the show is already hinting at the Whisperers showing up, which doesn't happen until issue 130. Spencer would be more likely to buy the farm in the mid-season finale or premiere.

Want to know more about The Walking Dead comics? Read on:


Bear with me on this one. At some point in the comics, a woman named Holly comes along, and at another point, she dies. Negan holds her hostage, and uses her as a bargaining chip to get Rick to let him in the gate. This is during the war to kill or capture Negan, so you know it can't go well. Denise is still alive in the comics, and this is how it goes down.

They get Holly in the gates:

But under the hood, she's a frickin' zombie already, and bites Denise.

The show loves to switch out characters, so imagine the war between the Saviors and everyone else going on, and someone getting captured and used as a bargaining chip. Ringing any bells?

Only this time, Michonne takes the place of Holly, and it's revealed she's already dead in Episode 100.

It would suck, but it would make people come back for Season 8!

But maybe the whole “someone huge dies” thing has been beaten to death.

There are other scenarios that could play out in not only the 100th episode of the series, but also the season opener...

Hello, Whisperers - It Is NOT Nice To Meet You

AMC has already teased it with this Instagram post:

In the comics, the Whisperers are a savage group of survivors who wear the skin of the dead and walk among them. They hate humans and kill them whenever they get a chance. They're a bit territorial, too; that picture above was taken straight out of the comics, when they killed Ezekiel and Rosita, among others, and stuck their heads on pikes as a warning to stay off their turf.

Their arrival could be teased in the Season 7 finale, only to come back for Season 8 to find a whole crapload of heads on stakes.

The look on this guy's face from the comics tells you just how terrifying the Whisperers are going to be, whenever they do make their appearance on the show:

That right there looks like a man who will never be completely alright in the head again.

Another War With A New Group

Seeing how the show did this with the Governor in the Season 4 mid-season finale and premiere, not only produced one of the most heart-shattering moments from the show...

...and gave us Carl Poppa...'s clear that this is a storyline that is successful. For the hundredth episode, using the "All Out War" storyline from the comics might just work:

End Season 7 with Negan having finished his grenade assault, resulting in all sorts of nastiness, and start Season 8 with all the aftermath. Which will lead to Rick gearing up to end the war, once and for all.

I doubt it will spawn all the insane speculation, rumors, and overall excitement that the Season 6 finale did, but seriously, we could all use a break!

Negan Behind Bars

I saved this one for last, because I think this scenario has the best chance of how Season 7 is going to end and will start. Negan is going to kill not only part of Rick's group, but some of their spirit, too. Bludgeoning one or two of their main group is going to take them all in very dark directions, and a good end to Season 7 would be with Negan defeated and in jail.

Starting The Walking Dead Season 8 off fresh, with Dwight leading the Saviors and Carl becoming Negan's new BFF will also be the perfect way to get everything going. Season 7's first episode was bloody and brutal, but transitioning from season to season peacefully will be a nice change. It won't create the fervor that we had this summer, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Read more about The Walking Dead Season 7:


It'll be hard, but look past who Negan is going to kill in the upcoming episode, to the 100th episode; what would you like to see happen?


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