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When The Walking Dead Season 7 began, the show had its biggest cast yet, something which made total sense given how many new communities had become part of the story. But going into Season 8, all of the groups have suffered recent casualties, and it looks as though we're going to lose a lot more — at least according to actor Steven Ogg.

Anyone following news about the upcoming season of the show already knows that Season 8 will have a very different feel than Season 7. Earlier in August, showrunner Scott Gimple promised that the next 16 episodes would be "massively heavy on the action," before going on to describe the whole season as "action on action on action." And apparently all that action also means a whole lot of fatalities.

The Walking Dead Season 8 [Credit: Alan Clarke/AMC]
The Walking Dead Season 8 [Credit: Alan Clarke/AMC]

Actor Steven Ogg — a.k.a Simon the Savior — has shared an interesting tidbit about the next season, and one which seems to suggest that all that action will result in far fewer characters by the end of Season 8. Speaking to about the likelihood of deaths in the upcoming episodes, Ogg said:

"Yeah, I mean s---, it's like whenever people say, 'Are you going to die? Or do you know yet?' Yeah, everyone's going to die at some point, right? They all die."

However, he then continued to talk about the possibilities of deaths, ominously adding:

"Yeah, let's thin the herd, man, let's thin the herd."

Uhh, is it just me or does the phrase "thin the herd" makes it sound like we should expect mass casualties this season?

While Ogg might have revealed that the show plans on ruthlessly slaying characters left and right in Season 8, hopefully his recent promotion to series regular ensures he's safe for at least a little while. His character Simon proved to be quite the fan-favorite over the course of Season 7, thanks to his quick and cutting banter, and ability to put Hilltop "leader" Gregory in his place.

But as much fun as it is to watch Simon on screen, it's never far from fans' minds that he works for Negan, a.k.a the most villainous character to have ever appeared on the show, and there's no doubt that the pair of them will wreck some absolute havoc over the next 16 episodes.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Season 8 on October 22.

Who do you think will die in The Walking Dead Season 8?

(Source:, EW)


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