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With now officially on midseason hiatus until February, does that mean the internet is going to run out of walker-related things to talk about?

Absolutely not!

In the latest bit of news to surface that's great for the actress involved, but might not be so great for her character, Sonequa Martin-Green has scored the lead role on Star Trek: Discovery.

The Good News

The ever-reliable sources that Entertainment Weekly always tap for celebrity info revealed Martin-Green will play the lieutenant commander on the ship. Deadline reports her character's name is Rainsford.

, the former showrunner turned co-creator of the upcoming show, has described the lead character as a “sensitive hero,” and promised she would be, well, a she. And for the first time ever, not a captain, but a lieutenant commander with caveats.

The story that’s fascinating for me is that we’ve seen six series from captains’ point of view and to see one from another point of view gives us a richer context.

Fuller also said in August, concerning the lead character, that they had no idea “what level of diversity she will be.”

That makes Commander Riker so happy, he has to go tell all his friends!

The Bad News

Warning: Spoilers for The Walking Dead follow.

The news is great for Sonequa, but for fans of Sasha on TWD, that could be very bad news in the form of an early exit from the show. The horrific fate of Glenn followed rumors of Steven Yeun's casting in a couple movies while he was filming , and now Heath, played by Corey Hawkins, has gone missing in the show. Is it coincidental that he's also been given the lead role in 24: Legacy?

Lauren Cohan was cast as the lead in The Boy, but Maggie has survived. So it's definitely not a sure thing that Sasha will be joining her boy Abraham in The Walking Dead Hall of the Fallen.

The sources told EW that Martin-Green will still be a series regular on The Walking Dead, but with a big “no comment” coming from CBS concerning the casting, her future on the hit zombie show may still be in danger. Add the fact that she has no comic book counterpart, and all of the sudden, her future on the show has become a little unclear.

Welcome To The Future

The Walking Dead possibly losing Sasha, as well as Heath, would be a pretty bad move by the show's head honchos. With the death of Denise Cloyd on TWD, and Lexa on The 100, showrunners keep right on throwing fuel on the “Dead Lesbian Syndrome” fire. Killing off T-Dog, Oscar, Tyreese, Bob and Noah (and recently, Father Gabriel in the comics), the producers of The Walking Dead don't seem to care that much for their black characters, either.

The best part about Star Trek is it's set centuries in the future, and these sorts of problems seem to have vanished almost completely. The casting of a black woman as the lead was Fuller's dream all along, and now it's been realized. Joining George Takei and John Cho and their shared character, Sulu, Anthony Rapp (Broadway's RENT) has been cast as an openly gay lieutenant. And with Michelle Yeoh being cast as Captain Georgiou, will showcase the kind of diversity we would hope for in the future.

Let's just hope it doesn't take us until stardate 2259.55.

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