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Almost two weeks ago, The Walking Dead's Josh McDermitt, tired of the death threats he was receiving from brain dead fans, deleted his Twitter account. Apparently, the "fans" couldn't tell the difference between fantasy and real life, so in the stupidest way possible, they expressed their anger over McDermitt's character, Eugene, turning to the dark side and joining Negan's crew. Watch his Facebook video here to see his reaction to the threats.

Now, another star of the show has followed suit.

Alanna Masterson, who plays Tara Chambler on , has deleted her Instagram account. Normally, someone doing such a thing as deleting their social media accounts shouldn't make headlines, but Masterson's reason appears to be the same as McDermitt's: cyberbullying.

Grow The F Up, Body Shamers

[Credit: Instagram]
[Credit: Instagram]

Unfortunately for Masterson, she's no stranger to this baffling phenomenon of rabid fans take things too far, and punishing the actor for simply playing a role. Back in November of last year, Alanna posted this message to her body shamers on her now vanquished @lucytwobows Instagram:

Dear Instagram trolls, body shamers, and the men and woman who think it's ok to comment on my weight: I hope that you don't have children. And if you do, I hope you teach them about kindness and acceptance. I hope they learn that it isn't ok to make fun of people or call people names. I hope one day YOU learn what it takes to be a parent. A kind, selfless parent. A working parent. A parent that puts themselves in someone else's shoes. Maybe you can't get it through your thick fucking skull, but nursing a baby for a year (and pumping in a van between takes, in the dead of summer in Georgia) is a lot of work, determination, and scheduling. So before you decide to make a comment about my chest being "too large" or how "fat" I've become, just know that this little girl got the best start to life. I wouldn't have changed it for a second. I would've gladly continued to eat enough calories to produce milk for her little bones to grow. Also, grow the fuck up. Your mother should be ashamed for raising such a judgmental bully. I'm sure she knows how "courageous" you must be for trolling and hiding behind your Iphone and computers. P.s. I would LOVE to see any man or woman give birth to a baby, nurse the baby, and then work 17 hour days and NAIL their own stunts. P.s.s. Be kind to each other. We need it now more than ever.

There's no official word on why exactly she deleted her account, which she used to post pictures of her new baby, among other things. But there's a good chance her motivation was exactly the same as McDermitt's. Can you blame her, or any of the other celebrities who have quit social media because of the shameless trolls of the internet?

A Growing Club

Here are a few more who have quit social media to escape the racism, body shaming, death threats, or just to get away from the limelight:

Leslie Jones

Ghostbusters [Credit: Columbia Pictures]
Ghostbusters [Credit: Columbia Pictures]
  • Star of: Ghostbusters (2016) & Saturday Night Live (current)
  • Left because: Racist comments on her Twitter, although she was back after a couple days.


Cover from Adele's '25' album [Credit: XL Recordings]
Cover from Adele's '25' album [Credit: XL Recordings]
  • Songs you know: Rumour Has It (2011) & Hello (2015)
  • Why she quit Twitter: While it was only temporary, she left in November of 2012, after having her baby and receiving some hateful tweets in the days following.

Hayley Atwell

Marvel's Agent Carter [Credit: ABC]
Marvel's Agent Carter [Credit: ABC]
  • Where you know her from: Marvel's Agent Carter (2015-2016) & Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2014)
  • Why you don't see her on Twitter/Instagram anymore: Hayley quit not because of the troll infestation, but because she wanted to be a little more private about her private life.

Daisy Ridley

Star Wars: The Force Awakens [Credit: Disney]
Star Wars: The Force Awakens [Credit: Disney]
  • Starred/will star in: Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) & Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)
  • Why she left Instagram: After voicing her opinion on gun violence, the backlash she received was enough to drive her from the social media site.

Emma Stone

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 [Credit: Columbia Pictures]
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 [Credit: Columbia Pictures]
  • Starred in: The Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2, La La Land
  • Why she left Twitter: You can thank hackers for that.

It's your turn to voice your opinion on cyberbullying. Blow off some steam in the comments below!


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