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What kind of music do zombies listen to?

, who plays Beth on hit TV-show The Walking Dead, is also an accomplished singer-songwriter. Fans of the show might not be too surprised, though, as her singing has in fact appeared on the show. In a somber moment for the Rick Grimes and crew, they listened to her sing Tom Waits' 'Hold On', which Kinney is now recording and releasing as a single.

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Watch her talk about her songwriting, and the upcoming season of The Walking Dead, here.

Kinney, who has written an apocalypse-themed crossover song called 'Last Chance,' has told fans to expect more from her character Beth in the coming episodes. "The second part of season four is even crazier, and you really get into Beth’s head more," she explained.

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So what kind of music do you think would best soothe, or enrage, a horde of zombies? Share your thoughts and suggestions below.

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