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Brian Salisbury

In what is becoming one of the most interesting guest star rosters of its ten-season run, Fox's animated comedy series American Dad! has just snagged The Walking Dead star to lend his voice to an upcoming episode.

Yeun, who plays Glenn on the popular AMC zom-dram, will voice an assistant to the character Vincent.

I evidently have not watched American Dad in some time because I have no idea who Vincent is, but he purportedly has something to do with the show's "Golden Turd Saga." So yeah, proud day for Yeun.

In all seriousness, I've heard from many friends who are fans of American Dad that it actually has been getting better and better with each new season, much in the same fashion as Family Guy has seemed to steadily decline. I will say again how impressed I am with the talent that has pulled in for cameo voices in Season 10. , , , and...well... will also be there.

What do you guys think?

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