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Yesterday, I explained why Morgan's death is probably inevitable in the Season 7 finale of . Not only did I discuss why I think Morgan is going to be killed, but I pointed out some foreshadowing that the producers sneakily inserted: Morgan puts out a candle during the picnic dream sequence from the Season 7 premiere, and a melted candle appears in the season's opening credits (which usually allude to specific events that occur throughout the episodes).

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

But the more I thought about the picnic dream sequence, I began to wonder...

The Walking Dead May Have Already Shown Us Every Major Season 7 Death

Above, you can rewatch the Sunday dinner dream sequence scene that we all saw in the season premiere. The entire scene in general was very odd, and most of us believed the producers placed it in the episode because Rick has realized his dream of sitting down at a dinner table and eating as a family had been crushed.

The more you watch the scene, though, the more you realize all of the bizarre, subtle things that happen — like Morgan putting out that candle. That is not the only weird thing we see in this scene...

First Off, Look At The Seating Arrangements

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

If all of these characters were actually sitting down for dinner, they probably wouldn't sit in this order. Why would Spencer be at the dinner table? Spencer was never a part of Rick's "family." Also, since Glenn and Maggie's baby wasn't even born yet, why would he be included in this scene?

Obviously, this was supposed to be Rick's paradise vision and all, but not even baby Judith was included in the scene.

This is where it begins to get interesting. If you look carefully at the table, you will notice that there is a tablecloth on one side but not the other. Why would this be? Did they just decide not to lay a tablecloth on half of the table?

This may be the producers being extra sneaky. If you look at the people sitting at the part of the table without the cloth, they have one thing in common: they are already dead or they are in great danger of dying. *cue the dramatic music*

Does this sound crazy? The side with the tablecloth could symbolize the characters who are covered, who are safe. On the other hand, the side without the tablecloth could symbolize the characters who are not protected and therefore vulnerable.

Let's evaluate every character sitting on the side of the table without the tablecloth:

  • Morgan: Like I stated before, all the evidence is right here.
  • Sasha: She is definitely in danger of dying, as she is trying to assassinate Negan. We all know Negan is most likely going to survive the season finale, so that means Sasha and Rosita's assassination attempt has to go south; most fans believe that at least one of them will die. On top of all of this, actress Sonequa Martin-Green has been cast on the new Star Trek TV series and refuses to discuss whether she's committed to TWD Season 8.
  • Abraham: Already dead.
  • Glenn: Already dead.
  • Maggie and her Unborn Baby: At first, you would think that Maggie's death isn't going to happen, and that this throws off the theory. However, it would be the big surprise. The season finale is confirmed to have a lot of heartbreaking and surprising deaths, and Maggie's would definitely be the biggest twist of them all, since most fans are expecting her to take over as leader of the Hilltop and continue to be an integral part of the series. Leaked footage showed that Maggie was almost supposed to die in the season premiere, but there was clearly a change of plans. (Lastly, do you think The Walking Dead is going to bring on another baby onto the show?!)
  • Spencer: Already dead.
  • Eugene: His character arc is coming to an end. Eugene has always been characterized as a coward, and he is currently being a coward, standing alongside the Saviors. He could finally be redeemed during the war by double-crossing Negan and performing an action that would help Rick's team, but it would ultimately get him killed. After this season, there isn't anywhere Eugene's character can go, and this would be a great end.

You may have also noticed that Rosita and Aaron are sitting in the middle of the table, and depending on what angle you are looking at, they could be on either side of the tablecloth. Rosita and Aaron may be safe, or they may die, or perhaps the showrunners weren't sure whether what they wanted to do with the two characters.

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Obviously, this is just a theory and it is not 100 percent confirmed that any of these specific characters will kick the bucket. But I think we can all agree that there is almost definitely something going on here.


What do you think of the tablecloth theory?

What did YOU think of this tablecloth theory? Is this totally out of left field or am I onto something? Theorize below!


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