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Warning: major spoilage below for the first episode of Season 7 of The Walking Dead, and who Negan killed! The spoiler is at the end, but still:

Don't spoiler? Open inside?
Don't spoiler? Open inside?

Man, this summer has been,'s been like this.

has dominated the internet with talk of who Negan killed, how many people Negan killed, and how many cookies Negan demanded from each group of survivors. After the Season 6 finale left us dangling like dura mater from the end of a barbed wire bat, the theories have been coming nonstop about who went head-to-bat with Lucille.

Now, we know that it is Glenn AND Abraham who died. The lives of two of our favorites came to an end at the hands of Negan and Lucille. And Maggie might as well be dead, having watched her entire family be killed and now the man she loves and father of her unborn child brutally beaten to death in front of her. Jesus.

At least for a moment, the theories can stop, and we can look at all the hints, clues, and crazy ramblings from TWD fans who dreamt up theory after theory (yours truly included).

In case you missed them, here are just a few of the theories that were floating around out there about Negan's victim(s):

Before I go off to mourn Glenn, Maggie, and Abraham's deaths, let's go over some of the major clues, and see just how many hinted at who was going to die, and which ones led us under the dumpster.

Takin' It Like A Champ

Talk about being able to take a licking and keep on ticking. The last few seconds of last season's finale shows us someone who could take at least three hits and stay semi-conscious. Enough, at least, to hear crying, screaming, and Negan yapping.

Who was a big enough son of a gun to take a beating like that? At the time, Abraham seemed to be the only one in that group capable of it.

  • Abraham: 1 strike

The Comics Say...

Glenn! But we all know how well the show follows the comics.

  • Glenn: 1 strike

Foreshadowing What The Comics Say

There were also these two scenes, starring Glenn and a bat...

  • Glenn: 3 strikes

Orange Crush

Denise asks Daryl to grab her some Orange Crush on his supply run, as a surprise for Tara. Who has red hair, and is a big ol' hulking orange crush? Yep. And it just so happens, the guy who plays Abraham, Michael Cudlitz, once tweeted (and then edited REALLY fast) a message to Josh McDermitt in which he said "I had a blast working with you."

  • Abraham: strikes 2 & 3

Other Projects Off Set

These two guys are busy, busy, busy when they're not filming TWD scenes. Or...are they filming TWD any more? Steven Yeun (Glenn Rhee) has a couple movies in the works, and Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) has his own motorcycle-riding show now, so, you know. And Danai Gurira (Michonne) will be playing the late Tupac Shakur's mom in All Eyez on Me, coming in 2017. Free time = somebody got Lucille'd!

  • Glenn: 4 strikes
  • Daryl: 1 strike
  • Michonne: 1 strike

Not Being Seen On Set

This is a big one. Abraham and Glenn supposedly only are appearing in the first episode, according to The Spoiling Dead Fans. That does not bode well for either of them.

  • Glenn: 5 strikes
  • Abraham: 4 strikes

Rick's Right Hand Man

Negan himself starting spouting off about Rick's right hand man getting popped on the noggin, and there are three that fit the bill. The main one would be Daryl, even though he's been seen filming scenes (something that could also just be smoke and mirrors). Abraham and Glenn could also be considered Rick Juniors.

  • Daryl: 2 strikes
  • Glenn: 6 strikes
  • Abraham: 5 strikes

The Ring/Watch In The Brains

This one is still pretty gross. In this scene from the Season 6 finale:

That is either a ring or a pocket watch in the brain goo. Or a vertebra. That means either Glenn or Maggie, or both, got whacked. The vertebra theory doesn't exactly narrow anything down.

  • Glenn: 7 strikes
  • Maggie: 1 strike

A Different POV

The Season 6 finale also did some camera trickery with some points of view, starting with shots from inside the Saviors' van, where Daryl, Rosita, Glenn and Michonne were being held. That point of view is said to have been used again when Negan was beating the hell out of someone, so it could be any of those four.

  • Daryl: 3 strikes
  • Rosita: 1 strike
  • Glenn: 8 strikes:
  • Michonne: 2 strikes

He Saw You, Daryl

Remember back in Episode 9 of Season 6, when Daryl blew the Saviors sky high? Of course you frickin' remember that badassery. There was either an errant car on set, or one of Negan's spies in the background:

Daryl blew those guys up, so he is most definitely on the chopping block if that was Negan or one of his men scoping things out.

  • Daryl: 4 strikes

Clowns To The Left Of Him, Jokers To The Right

Stuck in the middle with you...sorry about that.

That blood on Rick's right cheek means someone near him on his right got a beat-down.


That means Maggie, Abe, Michonne, Daryl, Rosita and Glenn are candidates. So now we are up to:

  • Daryl: 5 strikes
  • Rosita: 2 strikes
  • Glenn: 9 strikes
  • Michonne: 3 strike
  • Maggie: 2 strikes
  • Abraham: 6 strikes

He's A Survivor

As we all know, when a character seems to have come full circle in the show, from a wimpy little weasel, to a pretty big contributor to society, he gets axed pretty damn quick. Eugene has done just that, so his days have been numbered for a couple episodes now.

  • Eugene: 1 strike

You Fall In Love With Rick, You Fall

This one says it all. Just ask Lori and Jessie.

  • Michonne: 4 strikes

The Writing Is On The Wall

Or, at least the pictures were. In last season's raid on the compound, Glenn happened upon those nasty pictures. Nothing to see here, just some possible major foreshadowing.

  • Glenn: 10 strikes

Okay, that's enough of that. The strike count obviously favors Glenn, with Abraham coming in second and Daryl third.

So even though it teased us, I guess we saw it coming all along...

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