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Alisha Grauso

Walking With Dinosaurs 3D looks like it's going to be The Land Before Time, if The Land Before Time had a baby with Jurassic Park and then THAT baby had a baby with The Lion King and then they rolled that baby around in ACTUALLY AWESOME FOR ONCE 3D.

Still with me? Basically, the only thing you need to take from that entire rant up above is "Walking with Dinosaurs 3D, awesome."

The upcoming CGI epic from and is billing itself as "the greatest 3D event in 100 million years" (so wouldn't that be ever?), so you know it's either going to be epically bad or epically good. Luckily, it appears the latter is the case here. Check out the trailer and tell me what you think:

Video: Walking with Dinosaurs international debut trailer

Really well-done, right? It's adapted from the original PBS series, and looks to take it to the next level.

If it's going to look even better in 3D, you can count me in. Walking with Dinosaurs 3D stomps its way into theaters just in time for the holiday season on December 20th.


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