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Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Flash Season 3, Episode 5 "Monster" and potential spoilers of Season 3, Episode 6 "Shade."

Wally West has been a mainstay on The Flash since his debut last season. After a season of wanting to help, the iconic character finally lived up to his comic book destiny when he debuted as Kid Flash in the alternate timeline known as Flashpoint. But when Barry returned things to normal — mostly — Wally had no speed or recollection of the alternate timeline. So, while Wally remains somewhat happy but human, one could be forgiven for thinking that he is comfortable where he is.

In fact, a blink-and-you'll-miss-it Easter egg in this week's episode suggests that dark times lie ahead for Wally West.

Well, That Happened Walter

Although Wally didn't feature in this week's episode that much, he was briefly involved in one significant moment that might just have been hinting at major things to come for the character. At the beginning of the episode, when Earth-19's Harrison Wells was busy remembering everyone's coffee order — which he did exceptionally, might I add — he ended up stumbling over Wally's name, mistakenly referring to him as Walter instead of Wally.

H.R. referred to Wally as Walter.
H.R. referred to Wally as Walter.

And while this is an incredibly easy mistake for the character to make, it seems almost unnecessary as the lovable but inexperienced H.R. Wells ended up making quite a few mistakes throughout the episode. So it feels like there was definitely another reason behind the mistaken name, and it could allude to Wally's future involving the DC Comics character Walter West.

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Who Is Walter West?

Walter West is an alternate universe version of Wally West who first appeared in DC Comics during the Dark Flash Saga in 1999. Walter's life completely paralleled that of Wally West, and the two were practically identical. However, all that changed when Walter's wife Linda Park was killed by Kobra and as a result, he was driven mad and began bringing violent retribution to any criminal that dared cross his path. His costume reflected this dark approach as it was a deeper shade of red and all the bright yellow was completely removed. He was known as the Dark Flash.

Walter West's outfit reflected his style, it was darker than Wally's. (Via DC)
Walter West's outfit reflected his style, it was darker than Wally's. (Via DC)

He also turned to criminal Savitar who trained him how to fully use the Speed Force, killing the self-proclaimed speed-god upon learning all he needed to know. In fact, Walter's approach to crime-fighting became so violent that he ended up being pursued by law enforcement agencies. However, the main timeline's Linda Park ends up in Walter's universe as does her husband Wally West. The two Flashes end up brutalizing each other, with the violent Walter getting the better of the altercation. That is until they eventually merge to take down Kadabra.

Walter gets the better of Wally. (via DC)
Walter gets the better of Wally. (via DC)

However, in a surprising turn of events, Walter changes his outlook somewhat when he thinks that Wally and Linda are killed. Believing them both to be dead, Walter travels to their timeline to take Wally's place as the Flash. However, eventually it turns out that they are both not dead and Walter travels to another timeline — a world without .

Is Wally Destined To Become Walter?

When you think of Walter West, two words spring to mind, and they are "alternate" and "dark." Now, both of these words also apply very well to the version of Wally West. We saw the alternate timeline version of him when he was Kid Flash in Flashpoint. And based on the trailer for Episode 6 of the season "Shade," it looks like Wally is about to venture down a dark path as he faces the possibility of having his speed from the Flashpoint timeline restored.

From the trailer it appears that Wally is going to remember getting mortally wounded by Clariss in the Flashpoint timeline, so in effect he's having memories of a life he never actually lived. And with those memories come the speed from the alternate timeline as well. Thanks to Dr. Alchemy's intervention, Wally is essentially becoming his Flashpoint doppelgänger and he's becoming darker because of it — evident from when he gets into a fistfight with his own sister Iris. So, it's clear to see why we have drawn comparisons with Walter.

Furthermore, the fact that Dr. Alchemy is involved in this is also reminiscent of one of Walter's storylines in the comics, when the Dark Flash is able to track down Alchemy and use his powers to accelerate Alchemy’s neurons and slow his cerebral cortex, causing the villain to pass out. With Alchemy drawing Wally to him, we may see a similar storyline where the new speedster Kid Flash is able to stop Alchemy like Walter did in the comics.

After all, the trailer does reveal the CCPD, Wally and the Flash all in Alchemy's lair. The creepy villain is likely due to be stopped soon as Savitar is expected to become the big bad after the midseason premiere. Could Wally be the one to do it? Moreover, could this new darker Wally end up getting trained by Savitar himself when he arrives?

Will Kid Flash go dark like Walter? (via The CW)
Will Kid Flash go dark like Walter? (via The CW)

With the hidden reference to Walter West cleverly placed in the confused H.R's speech, it's possible that we will see our very own Wally West end up channeling his inner darkness as he regains his speed. Furthermore, the fact that both Dr. Alchemy and Savitar are showing up this season could be a sign that Wally will become more like Walter as that character ended up confronting and taking down both of Alchemy and Savitar in the comics.

With Alchemy haunting his memories, it's understandable that poor Wally would be changed forever. But could that change involve him becoming the Dark Flash — or at the very least the Dark Kid Flash? Or was H.R's namedrop just a simple mistake? Who would have thought that scene would spark so much excitement?!

Do you think Wally will become Walter West on The Flash? Let us know in the comments!


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