ByLars Johnson, writer at
Lars Johnson

Man of Steel, one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year, has partnered with Walmart for an exclusive deal that cannot be missed!

Walmart will sell the tickets in over 3,000 stores starting May 18th at 8am. Tickets for opening day go on sale May 21st or May 22nd (still not decided by Warner Bros. at the time of this article being written). Walmart will be selling an overwhelming 1 million passes. The prices will vary (about your standard local theater price) because of the selection. You can select 3-D or regular format.

This deal will not be offered at other retailers. The screenings will be held at your local theater June 13th, 2013.

Who is going buy their early ticket at Walmart? And who will just opt for June 14th?

Man of Steel opens in theaters June 14th.


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