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Alisha Grauso

Rapper/actor 's voluptuous wife, Coco Austin, has a butt of mythical proportions. The badonkadonk is so huge and perfectly round that it has to have its own gravitational field. Seriously. If you look closely, you can probably see a tiny TARDIS, or Enterprise, or entire solar system circling around the giant orbs.

But if you think she doesn't work for all that junk in her trunk, you've got another thing coming. Not so fast, says Coco in a new video that features her working out her famous fanny. She gets the goods looking the way they do with exercising on the surf machine:

For all you guys who don't think I work out my booty, this is the KILLER machine. This is how you kill your booty and make it rounder. Tone it up girls, tone it up! This is a little surf board action!

Work it, girl. WORK IT.



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