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Tino Jochimsen

Although Kick-Ass 2 proved to be a major disappointment to my cranky self, I still found ’s Hit-Girl a thoroughly charming character worthy of her own movie.

While this isn't likely to happen, Barely Lethal might at least present something similar.

The action comedy actually sounds a bit like Hit-Girl’s storyline in Kick-Ass 2.

(True Grit) plays a teenage assassin who has had enough of her corpse-producing line of work and decides that she, you know, just wants to have a "normal" adolescence. Therefore the lethal killer enrolls at a high school. This decision doesn’t sit well with her former handler and current nemesis, Victoria ().

plays Steinfeld’s mentor, while Game of Thrones' portrays a rival assassin.

Barely Lethal has begun principal photography and should be in theaters sometime in 2014.


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