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Gamers the world over rejoice! A World of Warcraft movie is definitely happening and now it's got the coolest young director in Hollywood to helm the project. THR is reporting that is to step into the director's chair for Warcraft, which is being produced by Legendary Pictures.

Set in the world of Azeroth, WoW is a massively multi-player online role-playing game, which is part fantasy, part sci-fi, all mind-blowing and features a ton of cool creatures and charismatic characters. A scrip for the movie has already been written by Blood Diamond scribe , but the studio is understandably keeping the details close to their chest. That being said, expect lots of orcs, zombies, aliens and scantily-clad Elves.

Jones is a great choice for director in my opinion as he's already made two excellent sci-fi movies in his still young directing career in Moon and Source Code. The former was a masterful meditation on loneliness and what it means to be human, while the latter was an intelligent and thrilling time-travelling adventure. With a budget rumored to be around the $100 million mark, Warcraft will be a big step up for Jones, but I'm excited to see him helm his first tentpole movie.

Jones recently tweeted:

It's a big challenge to successfully adapt a video game and the Hollywood landscape is littered with the corpses of those movies who have tried and failed (I'm looking at you Silent Hill: Revelation), but I honestly think that Jones can deliver a big screen adaption worthy of a truly monumental game.

The gauntlet has been thrown down, it's now up to him to deliver.

Production on Warcraft is set to begin in March, with a release in 2015 penciled in. If you [[follow]] the movie you can get all the updates when they land.

Which storyline would you like to see explored in Warcraft? It's time to get excited and type your suggestions in the comments below.



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