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After years mired in the murky swamps of movie production hell, it seems is moving along with the Warcraft movie nicely. Note: WARCRAFT movie, not WORLD OF WARCRAFT movie.

The first footage shown at Comic-Con earlier this month confirmed that the fantasy epic would indeed simply be called Warcraft. It seemed many of us in moviedom expected the film version to be a cynical cash in on arguably the Warcraft series' most popular and well-known game — the massive online roleplaying game World of Warcraft. However, the latest information we've received suggests it will in fact follow the original mid-90s real time strategy games more closely — which is perfectly fine in my book.

It seems some of the guys over at Bleeding Cool have managed to get their mitts on a heap of new Warcraft movie information, including characters and a potential storyline. Now, I must stress this is all unconfirmed, but the attention to detail in their information is certainly intriguing. Give it a read below:

The lead character seems set to be Khadgar, a young consul to the Kirin Tor senate, rulers of the city of Dalaran. Early in the story, Khadgar is charged with investigating a series of crimes that have rocked the city, but as we go on, we’ll find that his mission leads him into a quest beyond the city walls.

Then there’s his mentor, Medivh, a mage and the sworn protector of mankind against demonkind. Johnny Depp was rumoured for a role almost as soon as the film was announced, and while I can’t find any substance to those rumours, at least not right now, I’m sure this would be the part he was up for. Not quite Gandalf meets Captain Jack Sparrow, he’s actually a more morally complex character than will be at first revealed. Expect him to be a scene stealer, too.

And set on a collision course with Medivh is Lothar, The Lion of Azeroth, leader of the King’s Army. He’s brave but maybe a touch too bold. In a straight down the middle version of the film, this might be the role The “Dwayne Johnson” Rock would go up for, though I’m imagining somebody like Mark Strong could carry just the right amount of pride and gravity.

And then there are the King and his Lady too, playing key supporting roles. Expect to see some well-loved actors in these parts.

I’ve got less of an idea of the specific Orc characters involved, but there’s definitely plenty of them, and I know that their story will be intimately entwined with that of Medivh. We can also expect to see dwarves, trolls, elves, revenants and wraiths.

The impression I’ve picked up, from a few sources and the information I’ve been passed, is that this project makes no concessions to tidy mainstreaming, or chewing the gristle out of its meaty, raw fantasy ideas. The names are big and a spellcheck unfriendly, there will be mythical creatures all over the place, the magic will flow and so will the talk of prophecies and ancient artefacts.

I always expected Jones to deliver a decent enough movie, but this news suggests he's also been given considerable maneuvering space by Legendary Pictures and Blizzard Entertainment. As I said above, I fully expected the studios to simply try to cash in on the 7 million fatally-dedicated WoW players. However, the fact they have reverted to the classic, perhaps lesser known, earlier games hopefully suggests more of a dedication to story.

I used to love 1994's Warcraft: Orcs & Humans. I spent countless hours playing that game. While all the other kids were out riding their bikes or kissing girls, I was stuck on the map-maker creating an awesome battlefield with rivers, mountains and more sheep than Aberystwyth. I don't regret a minute of it.

What do you think? Does this synopsis sound good to you, or did you have your own story in mind? Let me know below.


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