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Sad news for those wanting to see the Warcraft movie as soon as possible: News has broken that Universal has made the extremely wise decision to get the hell out of the way of the Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens juggernaut, looking at the prospect of Warcraft going head-to-head with the epic franchise during the 2015 holiday season, weighing its chances in that battle, and deciding "NOPE."

Exhibitor Relations broke the news in a Tweets, letting the world know that with Warcraft has been bumped to March of the following year, Star Wars 7 now has a clear path to destroy and conquer all other movies in its path, Death Star-style:

This is an extremely smart decision on behalf of Universal. No matter how solid an offering its Warcraft might be, let's be honest: Nothing is going to even come close to catching Star Wars 7 at the box office. Plus, video game-based films have yet to prove they can be huge money makers (Settle down, Resident Evil fans), so anything that can give the risky Warcraft film an advantage is smart to take.

What about you? Do you think this is a smart move, or will Warcraft still struggle in theaters? Sound off in the comments below.

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(Source: Exhibitor Relations via CBM)



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