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It's already being slated as the new Twilight, however I'm not sure if that does Warm Bodies justice. From the following clips it's starting to look infinitely better than Twilight, although let's face it, that's not very difficult. At least it appears to have a sense of humor about itself. Plus, it's also got in it. That's got to count for something, right?

In case you didn't know, Warm Bodies is another attempt by Summit Entertainment to adapt a supernatural young adult romance novel into a big screen affair. Vampires are out, and now zombies are back. Except this time they can fall in love, have internal monologues, and kind of talk. We've got three more clips below, plus a 13 minute behind the scenes B-Roll to show you. All four give you a chance to see , and in action (as well as a lot of footage of camera equipment being moved around. Awesome!). Check them out below:


B-Roll (via Collider)

Are you starting to get excited for Warm Bodies? It's not long to wait now. It will shamble into theaters on February 1st. But do you think it can beat Twilight? Let us know below!


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