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's story of a zombie who falls in love with a living person will surely warm your heart (and body) this Winter. One of the most anticipated movies of the season, Warm Bodies is starting to get the attention of genre fans and general audiences.

To build awareness of the zombie romcom, Lionsgate has just released over 25 new images from the flick. Here are some of our favorites:

(via Shock Till You Drop. You can view the other 22 images over here.)

Not long ago we saw the first 4 minutes of Warm Bodies, and it pleased many of us who were originally expecting a zombie version of Twilight. Judging by the clip, and this host of images, Warm Bodies couldn't be further from sparkling vampires.

The movie takes place in a world where zombies are a reality in pop culture. Unlike The Walking Dead, where the characters have no idea what these dead things are that are trying to kill them, it looks like it will be comical and post-modern, hopefully something like Shaun of the Dead.

Warm Bodies lurches into theaters February 1st. Looking forward to catching a bit of undead loving? Sound off in the comments.


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