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After the surprise critical and financial success of the racially-charged horror movie (check out the trailer below) viewers and critics alike have been wondering what director Jordan Peele would make next. Though he has yet to pick a project, the comedian turned director looks like he's going to be a busy man in the coming months since he's now in-demand in Hollywood.

According to some reports and rumors, one major studio has its eyes set on Peele. Said studio has offered him not one, but two potential blockbuster projects to choose from, possibly setting the stage for Peele's first major tentpole film.

Warner Really Wants Peele

According to Tracking Board, Warner Brothers has offered Peele the chance to direct either the long-delayed live-action adaptation of or the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) entry . Right now, it seems more likely that Peele would direct Akira first due in part to the number of rewrites The Flash is going through and Warner's current decision to prioritize .

Both Akira and The Flash have had a long, dragged-out pre-production cycle and have both been stuck in limbo since they were first announced.

[Credit: Toho]
[Credit: Toho]

Originally released in 1988, the animated adaptation of Akira condensed the six volume manga into a two hour time-frame and became a legend of its own. The rights to Akira were acquired by Warner Brothers as far back as 2002, and the studio has yet to crack the adaptation of the popular dystopian story.

The list of potential directors Warner Brothers offered Akira included the likes of the Hughes Brothers, Justin Lin, George Miller, and Christopher Nolan, but all have backed out for different reasons that included scheduling conflicts and creative differences.

[Credit: Warner Brothers]
[Credit: Warner Brothers]

The Flash, on the other hand, has been on the DCEU's list of priorities even before the titular speedster made a cameo in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice ( ). The Flash aka Barry Allen () will be seen once more in the upcoming , but he has yet to get his own solo film. DC has also confirmed that The Flash won't be an origin story in the vein of Man Of Steel, and will instead be a direct follow-up to the events of Justice League.

The movie has already gone through three different directors and countless rewrites, forcing Warner Brothers to push the release for The Flash to 2020. In the mean time, expect the Flash to pop up every now and then in other movies.

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Jordan Peele's Choice

Key and Peele in 'Keanu' [Credit: Warner Brothers]
Key and Peele in 'Keanu' [Credit: Warner Brothers]

If his work on Get Out is any indication, Peele is one hell of a find in the filmmaking industry. Not only did he write and direct a universally-praised socially-relevant horror movie, but Get Out was also Peele's impressive directorial debut. Both Akira and The Flash have the opportunities to tell familiar stories with a socially relevant spin to them - something Peele has already proved he can do well.

Akira on its own is a strong social commentary on a lost youth stuck in a dying and indifferent society. The Flash, if done right, could use its mainstream superhero platform to tackle certain social concerns, similar to how the recent Captain America films tackled real-world issues and politics through means of colorful, super-powered allegories.

If the second half of the famous comedic duo Key And Peele can bring these skills over to the blockbuster side of filmmaking, whatever project he chooses will be in for a promising revival.


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