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Now, when it comes to correctly gauging the ways and whims of Hollywood studios, it's likely fair to say that there's as much guessing going on as there is studiously well thought out reasoning. After all, whatever logic or historical evidence we might employ often fails to stand up to sustained contact with the unusual and often opaque approach taken by most major movie studios. In other words? When they do something mysterious, it tends to remain that way until someone "accidentally" leaks an explanation three years later.

The most recent mysterious announcement from a studio, however, might just a have a more obvious answer than can usually be found through sheer force of snuffling around. Y'see:

Warner Bros. Just Announced Two New Mystery Movies, And One Of Them Could Be The Batman

[Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice/Warner Bros.]
[Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice/Warner Bros.]

Yup, that's right. #WarnerBros. recently announced two "untitled event films," with the first arriving September 27, 2019, and the latter February 7, 2020 — and that could actually be a pretty big deal. The reason? Warner Bros. already has a fairly packed slate of #DC movies through 2019, with a Justice League and Wonder Woman-filled 2017 being followed by an Aquaman, The Flash and (potentially) Harley Quinn/Suicide Squad 2-centric 2018. When it comes to 2019, though, the studio currently only has Shazam and Justice League 2 penciled in for release in the spring and summer, along with an as-yet-unnamed project in November of that year.

As such, it's difficult not to interpret this latest announcement as suggesting that DC's two biggest projects currently without release dates — #TheBatman and #ManOfSteel2 may finally have found their place in the schedule, perhaps dislodging the currently unnamed November release in the process.

Or, alternatively, Warner Bros. has some entirely non-DC related movies planned, and we're just getting way ahead of ourselves. Only time — or, perhaps, #BenAffleck — will tell.

Still want more on The Batman, and its potential future, though? Never fear, we've got you covered right here.

In the meantime, what do you think? Did Warner Bros. just confirm that The Batman is finally on its way, or something else entirely? Let us know below!