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Warner Bros' decision to make a stand-alone film about the Clown Prince of Crime certainly caught many of us off guard, especially since legendary director Martin Scorsese was attached to the project. Now, as The Hollywood Reporter states, Warner Bros. may be planning to use Scorsese as a way to bring Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio into the folds of the comicbook world by casting him as the Joker in the Todd Philips-directed film.

Leonardo The Joker?

Leo in 'Django', and the Joker's signature grin. [Credit: Columbia / DC]
Leo in 'Django', and the Joker's signature grin. [Credit: Columbia / DC]

Leonardo DiCaprio has been a critics darling since his early projects, and although he has chosen to work with an array of different filmmakers (including Christopher Nolan), he has worked with Scorsese five times. Among their collaborations are The Departed, The Aviator and The Wolf Of Wall Street. Warner Bros. is wise to want DiCaprio to play 's nemesis; the character is undoubtedly of the best villains ever created. The perfect mix of madness and genius, the Joker has continued to delight (and shock) fans since his debut in 1940. And the character's ever lasting appeal on screen and in comic books has been largely credited to the aura of mystery about him.

Leonardo DiCaprio is the perfect person to play such a complicated character. The actor has proven his worth through the vast catalog of films he's been in, including Titanic, Django Unchained, The Great Gatsby, The Revenant and the aforementioned projects, to name a few. DiCaprio is skilled enough to peel back the layers of this iconic, not to mention complicated character and help us understand who the Joker is and how he became the man that he did.

Why Leo Matters To DC

Leo in 'The Wolf Of Wall Street'. [Credit: Paramount]
Leo in 'The Wolf Of Wall Street'. [Credit: Paramount]

Getting Leonardo DiCaprio to join DC would no doubt be a big feat for the comicbook company. The critically acclaimed actor has been known for being very picky in his career, choosing to only work on the best projects available. His refusal to work in major franchises also might work in DC's favor, as if he does appear in the Joker origin movie, this will just prove to other such "serious" actors that getting in bed with DC could stand to benefit them too.

Scoring DiCaprio would allow to showcase a whole different side of their universe, one that deals with prestige movie projects worthy of other A-listers like him. This would also serve to differentiate DC from the other studios producing generic superhero movies — especially if DiCaprio's inclusion steers DC into the Oscar race.

Will The Joker Origin Film Be A New Beginning For DC?

The new DCEU title card. [Credit: Warner Bros.]
The new DCEU title card. [Credit: Warner Bros.]

After the disastrous initial attempts at setting up their , the studio got a big win with Wonder Woman, a film that has been credited by many for single-handedly breaking the glass ceiling. The film's acclaim has even led Warner Bros. to start an unprecedented Oscars campaign for the film and if these reports are any indication, this is just a beginning for DC. So far, comicbook films have not gotten much Oscar love, but with such big names behind the film, DC maybe able to break another barrier, by getting comicbook films the recognition they deserve. And as strange as it is, the future of DC films could rest heavily on Leonardo DiCaprio.

What do you think about DiCaprio? Would he make a good Joker?

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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