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Mark Newton

I don't think anyone was too surprised to see Warner Bros. give up on the Dumb and Dumber sequel, Dumb and Dumber To (Yes, it's called that). The studio acquired the rights in January, but since then they've been extremely uncommitted to the project. It seems the studio heads couldn't decide on who should finance or distribute the movie, resulting in a situation where the movie was simply abandoned to gather dust.

Luckily, another up-and-coming movie financier, Red Granite, has arrived to potentially blow some of that dust away. According to Deadline, Red Granite, who are also behind 's upcoming The Wolf of Wall Street, are in pole position to finance the film and distribute it to foreign markets. It's likely that if Red Granite can cover the film's production budget, other bigger studios will step in to distribute domestically.

Red Granite is still a pretty young company, it officially launched two years ago at Cannes (with a Kanye West concert no less), and since then has only developed a handful of movies, including Friends with Kids, Out of the Furnace and Horns. However, if they do grab the deal, we can probably expect Dumb and Dumber To to come along quite quickly. Although 's schedule may be clearer than it was in 1994, is soon required to return to 's HBO series The Newsroom.

But to reiterate, at the moment Dumb And Dumber To is dead on the road. It seems there are studios interested in scrapping it off the asphalt, but we've still yet to hear anything official.

What do you think? Are you glad to see Dumb and Dumber return to the big screen, or is this a comedy series best left in the 1990s.


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