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In this job, you hear about a lot of projects and adaptations that elicit a response anywhere from "meh" to "Well...that's pretty cool." So it's pretty exciting when a project comes along that makes you go, "Oh. Now FREAKING. AWESOME."

Freaks and geeks, let me assure you, Red Brick Road is just such a project, and it's just been picked up by Warner Horizon Television, according to Collider. Not much is known about the plot details, but it will be a sci-fi update of 's beloved The Wizard of Oz, a much darker and edgy version set in a futuristic time. It's also being compared to Game of Thrones in that it will be incorporating political intrigue and much violence.

If that alone wasn't enough to get you pumped about this idea (and if it wasn't, seriously, what's WRONG WITH YOU?), let me introduce you to the concept art for an updated and robotic Tin Man:

Seriously, how cool is that? There's also some concept art for a new, red-cloaked character by the name of The Witch Assassin:

No idea who she is or how she'll fit into the show, but one can only imagine she's a spin-off of some futuristic Little Red Riding Hood.

The show already has some big-time producers lined up in , , and , so it's pretty safe to say Warner Horizon sees a ton of potential and is pulling out all the stops for this project. There's no word on when production will begin, but I, for one, will be watching these developments closely.

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