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Tino Jochimsen

If St. Judas is the patron saint of police officers and desperate cases (watched the The Untouchables again, sorry!) is the director saint of lost and abandoned movie projects.

According to Variety the filmmaker responsible for that guy-cry-flick de luxe that is Warrior, will helm Tell No One.

Originally was set to direct the adaptation of Harlan Coben’s mystery novel. Scheduling conflicts, presumably having something to do with Affleck’s upcoming stint as Batman and his desire to direct the crime flick Live By Night, prevented his participation.

This marks the second time in a row O’Conner takes over directing reigns from a fleeing (dramatically put) fellow filmmaker. His last movie, Jane Got a Gun, was supposed to be directed by (We Need to Talk About Kevin). But because the latter departed the project at the last minute - under still very much contested circumstances - O'Conner rode to the rescue (again: a bit of drama).

Tell No One was already adapted into a movie fairly recently by , himself a sort of French , being a star and successful director. Ne le dis à personne was quite the hit, critically and commercially, grossing $33 million worldwide with a very respectable performance in the U.S.

Which begs the question: why remake it? Sadly, those $33 million are probably also the answer to that question.


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