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When someone brings up Star Wars and your mind starts to wander off to a galaxy far, far away, there are many things that come to mind — the Death Star, Han Solo, The Force. Whatever it may be, there are an enormous amount of iconic people, places and things that are uniquely part of that universe. One of the more unheralded parts of the Star Wars universe (at least among fans that aren't of the most diehard variety) is the presence of actor Warwick Davis.

Davis's acting career began when he took on the role of Wicket in Return of the Jedi, and since then he has become a fixture in Hollywood. He has taken on roles in a number of huge projects, including the Harry Potter franchise, Willow, and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but even with all of those great roles, Davis deserves the most recognition for his place in the Star Wars universe.

The amount of work that the man has done for the franchise often goes unnoticed, in large part because of the nature of his presence. Davis has appeared at and hosted countless Star Wars events, both in the United States and in the UK, and is constantly promoting Star Wars-related works. He has been a fan of Star Wars since before he was a part of it, and his fandom has continued into his work. Davis is among Star Wars' biggest supporters, and he has earned his right to be among the most glorified of Star Wars' heroes.

With his key position as both a Star Wars fan and player in the universe, Davis gets the sort of opportunities that not many other people get. Recently, Davis spoke to Frank Chung of and revealed some exciting information about his upcoming schedule. When Chung asked Davis about whether or not he has a part in Episode VIII, Davis said:

"I do, yes. That's all I can say."

Based on the appearances that Davis has made since Wicket, it's not at all surprising to find out that the actor will be appearing in Episode VIII.

In the past, Davis has also been in The Phantom Menace, taking on a trio of roles (Wald, Pod Race Spectator, and Mos Espa Citizen), The Force Awakens (playing Wollivan), and he had already been confirmed to have a role in this December's Rogue One, but while Davis's roles been small (aside from Wicket), knowing that he's going to appear in Episode VIII is delightful nonetheless.

Based on what we've seen out of Davis's previous roles, it seems as though he might be sliding into a role that is akin to Stan Lee in the MCU. Davis obviously didn't create the entire Star Wars universe like Lee did for many of the Marvel characters, but giving him the constant opportunity to make appearances in these movies is a great nod to him and the fans, and given that he is often in costume for many roles, his appearances don't take you out of the moment like Lee's cameos do. Having a Davis cameo to look forward to in every upcoming movie would be quite the fun little Easter Egg for many fans.

Given the size of his recent roles, it's probably not worth the time to theorize about who he could be playing in Episode VIII (unless you're hoping that Wicket is somehow going to make a return), but it's still cool to hear that the man is still so involved in the Star Wars universe after all these years.

Alpha Photo Press Agency
Alpha Photo Press Agency

Not many people can claim to have had their Star Wars action figures purchased for them by Mark Hamill himself, but when you're both a fan and a part of the universe like Davis is, you are afforded the sort of opportunities that the rest of us can only dream of. Even if he's unrecognizable in Episode VIII, it's great to hear that Davis is still getting to make appearances in the upcoming Star Wars films, and hopefully, he can continue to live the dream of Star Wars fans everywhere for years to come.

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