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It's not hard to spot a movie. The fact the word 'Tarantinoesque' is an actual term suggests his style and tone is noteworthy and easy to point out. Whether it's the use of music, extended, tense dialogue, or a non-linear narrative, there are a lot of traits which combine in Tarantino films.

Despite being a big Tarantino fan, I have never realized that one trait throughout his movie universe are characters linked between films. For example, did you know that Alabama (), from True Romance is also referenced in Reservoir Dogs? Vic Vega () from that same movie is actually the brother of Vincent Vega () from Pulp Fiction. True Romance is also linked to Inglorious Basterds, with Donny "The Bear Jew" Donowitz () from the latter, being the father of movie producer Lee Donowitz () from the former.

It turns out Tarantino's latest release, Django Unchained, hasn't escaped this treatment. An eagle eyed Redditor by the name of thefirerisesnolan has managed to find the link between Django and Pulp Fiction. In Django Unchained there is a brief shot of a wanted poster featuring the name of "Crazy Craig Koons". Koons is also the last name of 's character in Pulp Fiction. He plays the army captain who visits the young Butch in order to return his father's war watch. Pretty nifty, right? Have a look below:

What's even more impressive is that thefirerisesnolan managed to spot something that even Tarantino couldn't remember. In an interview with Jake Hamilton, he asked Tarantino if there was another extended universe link in Django. Tarantino explained that there was, but he couldn't for the life of him remember what it was. Check out the interview below:


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