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Back in the day, we didn't mind if our superheros were sole crusader one-man-armies who rocked up at a battle, kicked ass, and then headed home for tea and medals. But, ever since The Avengers, there seems to be desire to see our heroes team up with a variety of other genetically engineered super soldiers, demi-Gods and other caped do-gooders.

Before Iron Man 3 was released in theaters, Marvel boss Kevin Feige continually stated that the movie would be a stand alone feature which would not include any other Avengers. With the exception of a short post-credits cameo courtesy of as Bruce Banner, that's kind of what we got. However, was this always the plan? We've just received a break-down of the Iron Man 3 Blu-Ray set which suggests Iron Man's latest adventure could have featured everyone's favorite Asgardian blonde bombshell.

The Blu-Ray includes a long list of deleted scenes one of which is enigmatically titled "Hey, is that Thor?". The scene only runs for 39 seconds, so I'm guessing if did turn up as Thor, it would only have been a quick cameo. Then again, it could have simply been one of Tony Stark's trademark Avengers-based quips. Check out the full list of special features on the Blu-Ray below:

  • Deconstructing the Scene: Attack on Air Force One (8:19)
  • Thor: The Dark World (Exclusive Behind the Scenes Look) (1:45)
  • Marvel One Shot – Agent Carter (14:47)
  • Iron Man Unmasked (10:29)
  • Deleted Scene: Real Time with Ball Maher Segment (:45)
  • Deleted Scene: E! Fashion Police Reviews Iron Patriot (2:29)
  • Delete Scene: Outtakes: Trevor’s Accent (1:15)
  • Deleted Scene: Outtakes: Gary’s Van (2:03)
  • Deleted Scene: Outtakes: Boot & Glove (1:54)
  • Deleted Scene: Happy vs Savin (:30)
  • Deleted Scene: Let’s Make Television (:31)
  • Deleted Scene: Tony Harley and EJ (3:29)
  • Deleted Scene: Maya’s Sacrifice (1:48)
  • Deleted Scene: Hey is that Thor? (:39)
  • Gag Real (4:54)

You can pick up your copy of Iron Man 3 when it hits stores on September 24, 2013.

What do you think? If Thor was included in the deleted scene, are you disappointed it was cut, or are you glad Iron Man 3 went solo? Let me know below.

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