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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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I love but it doesn't come as much of a surprise that she split with . Miley's undergone something of a transformation in recent months and, regardless of what people think of her life makeover, relationships do not tend to adapt to change when it's so one-sided.

Miley's rep confirmed that her and Liam's engagement had been called off as of Monday, September 16, but now rumors are surfacing that Liam's interest in blonde bombshell could have been a factor in the split.

Hemsworth and Jones were seen together as far back as February, when they left WeHo's Chateau Marmont after being what a source called 'all over each other' during the evening. Liam swore blind to Miley that nothing happened that night, but a pal of Hemsworth noted that he sent January Jones an explicit text message over summer, part of which read:

I want to [****] you.

Well, you're only young once, right? It has to be said that Mad Men beauty January Jones is the polar opposite of wild child Miley, known for her elegance in 60s period wear rather than twerking in public.

As Liam Hemsworth moves on to Bangerz new, a source told Us Magazine that Cyrus is determined that rumors of infidelity be quashed:

Miley doesn't want to believe there could be anyone else.

Can you see a future for Liam Hemsworth and January Jones? The stunning actress includes and amongst exes, so judge for yourself if she is a match for The Hunger Games star...more to the point, was Liam doing the dirty on Miley prior to their split? Their relationship has always been described as 'on-off': is this a hint that something happened during their three years together?



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