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WARNING: Game of Thrones spoilers to follow!

Game of Thrones Season 7 proved to be an epic one, with some fans claiming that several of the episodes are the best in the show's history. At the end of the season finale, the Night King and his army of the dead broke through the Wall with the aid of Viserion and advanced into Westeros. There are plenty of theories surrounding the White Walkers, but the use of the dragon for destroying the Wall adds a lot of weight to the idea that the Night King might have actually foreseen Daenerys' dragon attack in Episode 6. If true, this theory could really shake up what we know about this character — and the future of Game of Thrones.

This Is Why The Night King Has Taken So Long To Attack

The White Walkers first showed their icy faces in the very first episode of Game of Thrones, and have continued to send chills down our spines for the past seven years. In Season 2, we were introduced to the Night King's army, along with their plans to march on the Wall and invade the Seven Kingdoms. The extent of their numbers and power were revealed to us in the fifth season's 'Hardhome,' but now we're up to Season 7 and they have yet to cast a shadow on the Wall. Other characters, meanwhile, have been trekking all over Westeros. Wights can out-run humans, don't need to eat or sleep and are immune to anything that would slow down marching humans, so it seems calculated that they have only just approached the Wall.

Being around for centuries probably puts a few years into perspective, but patience would come easily if you knew waiting would provide a Wight Dragon. Especially when this addition could destroy the Wall — the main obstacle standing in the way of overthrowing Westeros. The Night King's speed in utilizing his newest asset and finally fulfilling his threat confirms that this is exactly what he has been waiting for.

Assuming the foresaw the dragon attack, and had planned to make Viserion his own, what does this mean about the character - and the future of Game of Thrones?

'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]
'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]

1. The Night King Has Bran-Like Powers

There is a theory that Bran might actually be the Night King, and while this could be possible, it wouldn't exactly fit with the idea that the Night King has the gift of prophesy, as Bran can only see past and present. Bran's friend Jojen Reed, however, was able to see into the future, so it wouldn't be a new concept for the show.

The Night King is also the only one to have the ability to actually see Bran when he 'dreams' (or if you want to get technical, mentally extends his consciousness beyond his physical form in time and space). The manipulation Bran displayed on Hodor proved his ability to not only escape his own physical limits, but to invade someone else's. This is a disturbing thought even when used for the greater good, and pretty terrifying for all characters if the Night King proves to have this power.

There's no doubt that this character is one of the show's most powerful and dangerous, but this ability presents endless possibilities for what he might be capable of.

2. The Night King Will Always Be Ahead Of The Game

It seems plausible with this framework that the Night King knows everything that is going to happen. But if so, why did he spare Sam Tarly in Season 2? Sam has proved to be one of the most vital characters in the fight against the White Walkers, presenting Jon with key information regarding their history and potential defeat by Dragonglass. If the Night King was aware of all this, why allow Sam to live? This would imply an alarming level of confidence that the White Walkers will succeed in their cause.

But consider this: what if the Sam that the Night King spared is different to the one the character has become? Sam's character has developed throughout the show and didn't pose a threat back in Season 2. This assumes that destiny can be changed and that Sam has rewritten his — we can only guess what view the writers have on this.

We know enough about the Night King to assume that he wouldn't spare anyone out of kindness and that we can expect the worst of his motives. It seems obvious then that this character is playing an elaborate chess match with the people, and creatures, of Westeros.

'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]
'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]

3. The White Walkers Have Assured Success

Hope is what keeps anyone doing anything good. If you could foresee the future, would you continue fighting if you knew you were going to fail? It's unlikely, so the fact that the Night King is so set on overthrowing the living suggests that he has perceived the White Walker's victory.

Most things are learned in hindsight, so imagine how effective it would be to correct mistakes before you even made them. If the Night King has the power to avoid his own errors and plan for those of his enemies, all efforts against him are simply in vain.

Whether or not the Night King has the gift of premonition, the White Walkers pose a terrifying threat to all those living in Westeros - making Game of Thrones' final season sure to be an exciting one. However, given all that we've seen, it's clear that the extent of the Night King's powers are only just being revealed, and I think the ability to see into the future is one of them.

What do you think: can the Night King foresee the future — and did he plan for Viserion's death? Comment below!


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