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Millions of women (and some men) the world over have never really wondered why, exactly, the relationship of and fell apart, what with the massive trust issues after her affair. But lots of people have wondered why she even cheated on the hottest eligible male in the world in the first place.

But the actor may have accidentally revealed the reasons himself in a recent interview with InStyle magazine. Simply put, was he too overly sensitive for Kristen? Maybe. The actor opened up about remaining humble and just wanting, perhaps needing, people to like him:

You see other people doing it all the's so easy to go down that road and become a total d***head. I remember working with this guy once, it was his first movie and we were three weeks in. He was having a conversation with someone and he'd just finished his water bottle and was holding it out, waiting for someone to take it. I thought, 'You've been here three weeks!'

I guess maybe I'm too sensitive. I don't want people not to like me. I actually find it difficult to ask people to do things for me. If you start bossing people around, they'll just take it because they have to. Then they think, 'OK, you've bossed me around, now I'm going to talk shit about you behind your back.'

As it turns out, the 27-year-old star may be one of the most well-known faces on the planet, but that doesn't mean he started off that way:

I never hung out with the 'cool crowd'. My little group of friends, who actually are still my little group of friends, we were artists really. We never got invited to the cool parties and if we did, we just stood in the corner on our own.

As a former shy kid and current people-pleaser, myself, I totally feel him. Honestly, it's kind of a shame such a private guy has had his life exposed as he has, because he has always struck me as a person who just wants to surround himself with a few trusted friends, and some peace and quiet. In any case, it's refreshing to hear one of the biggest stars in the world actively striving never to be cocky about his successes.



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