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Brian Salisbury

Twitter is both a blessing and a curse when it comes to reporting movie news. On the one hand, it gives us all direct access to even some of Hollywood's most influential personalities, who often feel comfortable using social media to reveal certain tidbits about their careers. On the other hand, context can be a moving target. Twitter is indeed a form of social media and therefore it is not always entirely clear whether an interaction in which a juicy tidbit is divulged is genuine, or something facetious.

Take for example the recent interaction between Evil Dead remake director and a fan. The fan asks whether Alvarez will be directing the proposed Army of Darkness 2, and the response is...intriguing.

Now it has been conjectured that would be returning to the Evil Dead franchise to direct...something. With all the twisting narrative paths of a sequel to the remake as well as a continuation of the original storyline, and even rumors of an eventual crossover, it was hard to know at exactly what point Raimi would enter the picture. Still, I think with Alvarez at the helm of the contemporary reboot, the ONLY person who should even attempt to continue the original story is the man who brought to the screen in the first place.

Now the question becomes, did Fede legitimately just let the cat out of the bag or was he just being impish via Twitter?

You make the call


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