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The DCEU is steadily building up to be another major comic book universe. With last year's announcements of Gotham City Sirens and the Deadshot film, we can expect the future to be full of character solo adventures. Well, Warner Bros. recently gave another important character his own solo, split from the previously mentioned Shazam flick. Yup, an antihero film for Black Adam is green-lit, with The Rock taking over the lead. Check out the news coming straight from Deadline Hollywood:

What are we to expect from such a film? We have a major actor like The Rock a.k.a Dwayne Johnson, whose magnitude was relegated to a supporting role in Shazam. Was it already a no-brainer to give his current character a solo? Maybe. Though the question is: Does Black Adam need his own film?

Why Black Adam Is An Antihero

For starters, Teth-Adam/Theo Adam a.k.a. Black Adam hasn't always been close to the villain aspect that's structured in all storytelling. Though, he would kill if it was needed — figures like slave masters or anyone who supports such ideologies. In his New 52 origins, Adam wasn't against killing, even in his younger days, due to being forced into slavery. He had even killed Aman, a Kahndaqi boy who was thrust into abuse and slavery as well (and the person who shared his powers with him) just because he had planned to cleanse the evil souls of his slave masters.

His motives have always differed from other powered beings, which is why he's considered an antihero. So, having a solo that could shine light on the good in him might not be a bad idea, so long as he eventually turns tides to become the antihero he's known to be.

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Being A Part Of Shazam's Story

Now, there's no without a , of course. The lightning-wielding character, often a boy at times, is a definite part of his mythology. Their rivalry has carried on through multiple series and even in Adam's own storyline of . So, if New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. are deciding to depict the antihero on his own first, it might work for both stories. Here's why:

  • To show Adam's origin and how he has become who he is now.
  • It could help the future Shazam film.
  • It could introduce William Joseph "Billy" Batson a.k.a. Shazam to the DCEU.
  • The Rock's name could provide momentum for both films, if they are successful.

A Superman And Black Adam Battle

Late last year, Henry Cavill and The Rock were spotted — well, shown having a drink together on Johnson's Instagram account. The encounter had many fans speculating on the Kryptonian making an appearance in the Shazam movie. Now, with this news, are fans to expect a and Black Adam collaboration? Or, let's say, battle? The two aren't strangers to fighting, and with both wielding incredible strength, Warner Bros. would be insane to not show a dispute between the two characters.

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

Now, with that lingering possibility, would it hurt the DCEU if they show a Superman vs. Black Adam fight? Not really, as long as they show Billy's existence first. Black Adam was around before the power of Shazam was given to Billy. In the comics, he was even given his abilities ahead of Billy, which is why he's stronger (for now). To show Shazam in a Black Adam solo, before he and Superman fight, wouldn't be such a terrible idea.

This news could either aid the current lineup or hurt the franchise. For now, we have to wait and see how Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema decide to carry this out. Would it be without Shazam, leaving Black Adam to introduce his very own origin? Or, will we see the kid changing into a powerful entity in the solo as well? I'm hoping for both, a Superman and Shazam cameo.

Let's hope the Rock drops some of his classic insults in his appearance:

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Should Black Adam have a solo film?


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