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Cinematographers are far too often the unsung heroes of the movie making business. The only time they get any real credit is during the awards season, and even then, the talk usually centers on the actors and directors first, then the producers, composers, screenwriters, and, in some cases, the FX artists next. But a great cinematographer with a unique eye can make or break a film, so it was nice to see The Hollywood Reporter conclude their filmmaker roundtable series with five of the industry's hottest guys running the visual show.

The cinematographers were (Captain Phillips), Sean Bobbitt (12 Years A Slave), (Inside Llewyn Davis), (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty), and (Nebraska)

I particularly like what Ackroyd had to say about the personality of a director of cinematography:

Anyone who wants to be a cinematographer, I say, 'It's about telling someone else's story, but with your voice.' That's how we secretly think we know what we're doing. (Laughter.) But this is my impression of what you see around the table today: quiet, gentle people. You have to have a certain degree of arrogance but not enough to make you into a bully.


(Source: THR)

Do you have a favorite cinematographer in the business? Tell me why they fill your eyeballs with happiness.

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